Sessions in Progress
Top advisory body urges officials to handle proposals efficiently 03-22 18:54
Official: China sure to meet energy saving targets by 2010 03-16 16:09
Legislation proposed to curb electronic garbage 03-15 20:57
Least number of death sentences meted out in '07 03-15 17:59
Chinese lawmaker proposes to mark Japanese invasion with National Humiliation Day 03-15 17:42
China enhances int'l co-op via parliamentary exchanges 03-15 17:29
Migrant workers prepare to have their own say in China's legislature 03-15 14:07
China's lawmakers to vote on final draft of landmark property law 03-15 11:12
China's top advisory body concludes annual session, calling to oppose "de jure independence of Taiwan" 03-15 09:34
Top advisory body makes preparations for closing annual session 03-14 23:02
No backtrack for China's centralized death penalty review system: Chief Justice 03-14 22:26
China's top legislature to conclude annual session Friday morning 03-14 22:20
China to change death compensation rule 03-14 21:48
Lhasa to build mini Potala Palace amid tourist boom 03-14 16:23
More ethnic judges, translators needed to cope with stricter death penalty 03-13 23:08
Top court: review of death penalty cautious, strict 03-13 22:54
Official: China has strict restrictions on use of executed criminals' organs 03-13 22:30
Expert: China's grain yield increase still possible 03-13 22:59
Procurator-general: Chinese prosecutors serve social, economic development 03-13 17:03
Facts and figures: China's procuratorial work in 2006 03-13 15:57
Chief Justice: 9 provincial-level officials convicted for corruption in 2006 03-13 15:16
Facts and figures: China's judicial work in 2006 03-13 15:11
Top judge says crackdown on crimes promotes social stability, human rights protection 03-13 15:10
Minister: China still faces tough employment task this year 03-13 11:37
China has too few community doctors, advisors say 03-13 11:25
Lawmakers decide to submit draft property law for final approval 03-12 23:23
Xinjiang chief judge vows high pressure on terrorism 03-12 22:32
China's top legislature revises draft corporate income tax law for final vote 03-12 23:14
China's religious circle prays for unbiased coverage of foreign media 03-12 22:25
Chinese leaders join lawmakers in group discussions 03-12 22:00
President Hu urges intensive training of armed forces 03-12 21:51
Legislation urged to curb waste of public resources in China 03-12 17:12
Advisors table proposals on gov't efficiency, mainland-Taiwan ties and Olympics 03-12 16:36
Advisor: Employees in foreign-funded enterprises need better protection 03-12 16:32
Political advisor expects gov't to reduce rural maternity mortality 03-12 16:26
Chinese lawmaker proposes taxation on dog ownership 03-12 16:18
Political advisor proposes legislation on livestock protection 03-12 15:52
Central bank governor: Breakthrough made in reform of China's commercial banks 03-12 15:17
Political advisors oppose excessive hydropower development 03-12 15:01
China to work out auditing plan for Olympics in first half of 2007 03-12 14:46
Political advisors expect earlier promulgation of anti-monopoly law 03-12 14:40
Construction of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway to start this year 03-12 14:22
Official: Obstacles by Taiwan authorities hinder talks on river sand trade with mainland 03-12 14:15
Beijing considers ban on smoking in Olympic venues 03-12 14:09
Central bank: China's fluctuating stock prices "not macroeconomic problem" 03-12 13:17
Minister: U.S., Europe need to cut agriculture subsidy for successful Doha talks 03-12 12:45
Minister: China against tariff increase proposed by U.S. lawmakers 03-12 11:06
Minister: African people don't welcome colonists 03-12 12:26
Highlights of NPC Standing Committee's Work Report 03-11 14:43
Expressway efficiency impaired by misconduct of traffic police 03-11 14:35
Chinese advisor calls for urgent protection for ancient canal 03-11 11:56
Chinese advisors contribute proposals for rural, cultural development 03-11 11:29
Political advisor calls for patriotism, ethnic co-existence 03-11 10:39
Sex education urged for female migrant workers 03-11 10:18
Political advisor suggests regulation of unlocking business 03-11 10:16
Lawmakers call on gov't to buy domestic products to encourage innovation 03-11 09:50
China hopes to promote justice in employment by new law 03-10 18:19
Advisor calls for improving rules on mainland women giving birth in Hong Kong 03-10 15:00
Lawmaker suggests developing nuclear energy in inland areas 03-10 14:00
Political advisor frowns on too much smoking in China's movies, TV shows 03-10 12:56
Compensation urged for areas with water diverted to thirsty Beijing 03-10 11:03
Chinese president underscores efforts to raise farmers' income 03-09 23:22
Finance minister: China to form state forex investment company 03-09 15:45
NPC deputies call for law to regulate organ transplant 03-09 10:58
President Hu urges officials to serve people better 03-08 23:22
Top legislature examining draft methods for electing new NPC deputies from HK, Macao 03-08 23:02
Top advisor reiterates resolute opposition to "Taiwan independence" 03-08 22:57
Rural migrant workers to enter China's top legislature 03-08 10:47
NPC starts reading draft laws on property, corporate tax 03-08 09:13
Leaders join lawmakers, advisors in group discussions 03-07 23:47
Chinese top legislator speaks highly of HK, Macao government performance 03-07 23:41
Vice Premier Huang Ju stresses development of Shanghai in panel discussion 03-07 23:36
Wu Yi apologizes to lawmakers for high medical expenses 03-07 21:47
Chinese lawmaker calls for legislation on tourism 03-07 20:30
Minister: China to reduce cost of economic growth, narrow yawning income gap 03-07 18:05
Systematic reforms needed to regulate chaotic medicine market 03-07 17:29
Top economic planner: China stocks not so powerful to shock world market 03-07 17:11
Senior CPC leader calls for intensified anti-corruption efforts 03-06 23:42
Premier Wen underlines ecological, environmental protection 03-06 23:02
Senior CPC leader urges crackdown on crime to ensure social harmony 03-06 22:53
Senior CPC leader highlights socialist core value system for social harmony 03-06 22:50
Political advisors and lawmakers: Taiwan leader's "independence" scheme doomed to fail 03-06 22:44
PLA generals swear loyalty to Party leadership 03-06 21:38
NPC, CPPCC sessions draw more attention of foreign press 03-06 21:33
China vows to take due responsibility to curb global warming 03-06 18:14
FM: China to study legislation on consular protection for overseas Chinese 03-06 17:16
FM: China sends 5,000 peacekeepers to UN operations 03-06 17:08
FM: China, India to find proper solution to boundary issue 03-06 16:46
FM: China hopes to see peaceful co-existence between Palestine, Israel 03-06 16:38
FM: China hopes to see peace in Iraq and Middle East 03-06 16:34
FM: China hopes to see attainment of Korean Peninsula denuclearization 03-06 16:14
FM: China ready to consult with Japan on East China Sea development 03-06 16:10
FM: Premier Wen's visit important to China-Japan cooperation 03-06 16:06
Chinese FM calls upon Iran to step up cooperation with IAEA 03-06 15:46
FM: Chinese Premier to visit Japan in April 03-06 15:40
Chinese FM: Japan should face up to history 03-06 15:36
Chinese FM: China supports consensus on Darfur issue 03-06 15:34
President Hu's visit to Russia to further strategic partnership 03-06 15:24
Chinese FM: six parties should all faithfully fulfill commitments to resolving Korean Peninsula nuclear issue 03-06 15:22
Chinese FM: Non-interference necessary condition for harmonious world 03-06 15:12
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