:::::: Survey: One in five students use tobacco worldwide
:::::: 115 outbreaks of bird flu reported in Romania
:::::: Indonesia's human bird flu death toll rises to 37
:::::: Light-to-moderate drinking during pregnancy can also impair child's IQ
:::::: Ugandan Siamese twins separate, one survived
:::::: Study confirms HIV virus originates in wild chimps in Cameroon
:::::: Thalidomide approved for treating bone marrow cancer
:::::: Chocolate may boost brain power
:::::: Marijuana use does not increase cancer risk: study
:::::: Madrid toddler undergoes 6-organ transplant operation
:::::: For women, less sleep ups obesity risk
:::::: Research links physical signs with future mental ability
:::::: Painkillers may be harmful to heart
:::::: Family cats increase eczema risk in babies
:::::: Dengue threat looms in Sri Lanka
:::::: Obesity linked to all types of breast cancer: U.S. study
:::::: Taking common painkillers ups elderly's heart failure risk
:::::: Drinking silicon-rich mineral water reduces aluminium in Alzheimer's disease sufferers
:::::: Experts gather in Cuba to discuss fighting disease-carrying insects
:::::: Moving frown lines gets rid of depression: study
:::::: Milk, cheese raise women's chance of having twins
:::::: Women closing addiction gap with men: study
:::::: FDA likely to approve Gardasil as key STD vaccine
:::::: Toronto issues health warning over hepatitis outbreak
:::::: High levels of cancer-inducing benzene found in drinks: FDA
:::::: British schools ban junk food
:::::: U.S. FDA panel backs cervical cancer vaccine
:::::: New antibiotic found, possibly effective against superbugs
:::::: German study doubts sugar cane extract as cholesterol treatment
:::::: Medical unit in Pakistan's quake-hit zone needs financial support
:::::: Graphic warnings on cigarette packaging affect Singaporeans: survey
:::::: Kiwi conquers Mount Qomolangma on artificial legs
:::::: Work, motherhood good for women's health
:::::: Heart disease costs Britain 29 bln pounds a year
:::::: Working women make thinner, healthier moms: study
:::::: Fathers "influence employee behaviour"
:::::: Conjoined twins seperated, but tough recovery ahead
:::::: Indonesia local tests show 5 positive on bird flu
:::::: 24 cholera patients found in eastern Malaysia
:::::: Cholera death toll hits 1,200 in Angola
:::::: Most disabled people in L. America don't get appropriate help: OPS
:::::: EU urges action on obesity
:::::: New effective anti-smoking drug approved in US
:::::: Gastroschisis treatment possible in Nepal: doctor
:::::: Study finds grapefruit juice affects drugs
:::::: Women can choose ideal mates by looking at faces
:::::: US obesity epidemic underestimated: survey
:::::: Vietnam to import foot-and-mouth disease vaccines from China
:::::: Number of women with breast cancer rises in Czech Republic
:::::: Fictitious bird flu movie arouses panic in US public
:::::: Long-term estrogen therapy increases breast cancer risk
:::::: Polio cases detected in Afghanistan
:::::: 10-25% Vietnamese suffer from high blood pressure: report
:::::: Genetic marker found to predispose prostate cancer
:::::: Europe faces threat of unknown viruses attack: report
:::::: Way to mass produce key anti-bird flu drug revealed
:::::: Heavy coffee-drinking does not raise risk of heart disease: study
:::::: US awards $1b contracts to develop new flu vaccines
:::::: Cooked tomatoes may help fight cardiovascular disease
:::::: Bird flu vaccine effective in animal test: study
:::::: Chilean president issues new anti-smoking law
:::::: Natural birth could be good for baby's digestion
:::::: Drug to protect babies from HIV has major downside
:::::: Saliva conveys stress levels of kids: study
:::::: US former FDA head under investigation over financial improprieties
:::::: Transplants of stolen human tissues blamed for disease spreads in US
:::::: FDA approves first drug for Pompe
:::::: Anatomy exhibition draws gasps
:::::: Parasite-resistant mosquitos may help control malaria
:::::: Male hormonal contraceptive pill underway
:::::: Over 500,000 children suffer from malnutrition in Colombia
:::::: C. America, Caribbean report more malnourished people in 10 years: FAO
:::::: EU health ministers meet on diabetes prevention, women's health
:::::: Strands of bacteria found to ferment beans gas-free, more nutritious: study
:::::: FDA warns against use of antihistamine for children under 2
:::::: Link between hair dye and cancer unproved: ministry
:::::: Children slowly learn about autistics
:::::: Drinking milk during pregnancy may add weight to baby: study
:::::: Women in developing world less likely to reveal HIV status: study
:::::: Loneliness drives up blood pressure in people over 50: study
:::::: FDA criticized over post-market drug safety problems
:::::: Gel research brings hope to AIDS prevention in women
:::::: US researchers identify mutant gene in rare bone disease
:::::: Irritant foods worsen bedwetting children: study shows
:::::: Older,1st-time moms more likely to have pemature babies: study
:::::: FDA outlaws state-sanctioned medical use of marijuana
:::::: Study links chronic fatigue syndrome to genetic mutations
:::::: Angolan government initiates anti-malaria program
:::::: Walking burns more fat than running: study
:::::: Old, middle aged couples with gender equality enjoy better sex, study reveals
:::::: Mumps outbreak in US Midwest
:::::: Natural protein opens door for development of new anti-obesity agent
:::::: Company -funded study reassures safety of silicone implants
:::::: Older couples' health more vulnerable to marital woes
:::::: Studies find dental fillings with mercury safe
:::::: Mediterranean diet may lower risk of Alzheimer's: study
:::::: Malaria epidemic kills 50 in northeast India
:::::: Conjoined twins seek separation in Shanghai
:::::: Chronic stress causes depression: mice study
:::::: New drug cuts breast cancer risk, produces fewer side effects
:::::: After 10 years "rest," UK girl's heart works again
:::::: Face-transplant patient progressing well
:::::: Denmark finds 1st suspected human bird flu case
:::::: Mumps wide spread again in US Midwest, worrying health officials
:::::: Alcoholism can now be treated by injection
:::::: Experts warn over Parkinson's disease
:::::: Benzene found in vitamin C drinks in ROK
:::::: British cancer patient wins court case over unlicenced drug
:::::: Dengue fever infections in Vietnam up 20% in Q1
:::::: Trans fats found higher in US fast-food, killing thousands per year
:::::: Statute issued on schistosomiasis prevention
:::::: Contact lens wearers tipped over proper use of solution
:::::: Estrogen pills increase blood clot risk for older women: study
:::::: FDA to study why so many women die from using abortion drug
:::::: Snorer-children liable to suffer serious illness
:::::: New device may cure cellulite, acne, heart disease: study
:::::: Thousands of New Yorkers suffering from mental distress
:::::: Smoking is bad: study links diabetes to secondhand smoke
:::::: Man obsessed with obesity receives treatment
:::::: Group not authorized to approve products
:::::: Passive smoking boosts risk of diabetes: study
:::::: Passive smoking may risk glucose intolerance: new study
:::::: Jakarta residents face trial for smoking
:::::: Pakistani knew dentistry 9,000 years ago: researchers
:::::: Fit teens may be safer teens
:::::: Millions of Americans suffer sleep disorders
:::::: Sleep disorders affect millions of Americans
:::::: U.S. sees rising obesity, overweight, studies warn
:::::: Doctors grow organ from patients' own cells
:::::: Scientists rebuild bladder in 7 patients
:::::: Supercomputer simulations pinpoint best strategy against bird flu: study
:::::: US suffers rising autism cases, but not in epidemic
:::::: Research: Nicotine can cripple chemotherapy for lung cancer
:::::: Prayer has no therapeutic power: study
:::::: No GM ingredient detected in Heniz baby cereal products
:::::: Iowa hit by mumps, biggest outbreak in 17 years in US
:::::: Zambia records 60,000 TB patients annually
:::::: 1st US bird flu vaccine safe, partly effective
:::::: Smart kids have delayed brain development
:::::: Glucocorticoid cortisol helps cure irrational fears: research
:::::: Vietnam considers the issuance of law on viscera donation
:::::: More American kids facing sleeping problem: survey
:::::: Loneliness increases risk of hypertension: study
:::::: Clinton calls for compulsory testing for HIV/AIDS
:::::: Detox: The A to Z recipe for a healthy life
:::::: Weight training boosts life quality of breast-cancer survivors
:::::: Egyptian "two-headed" baby dies year after operation
:::::: Health risks increase with higher body mass index
:::::: US scientists genetically engineer pigs to cut human heart disease
:::::: Scotland, first in Britain, bans smoking in public places
:::::: 1st case of H5N1 confirmed in Serbia
:::::: Indonesian baby confirmed dead due to bird flu
:::::: TB claims 70,000 lives yearly in Bangladesh
:::::: Job stress a more likely cause of "sick building syndrome"
:::::: FDA recommends against treating ADHD with modafinil
:::::: Now, two deadly strains of virus
:::::: FDA mulls beefing up warnings for ADHD drugs
:::::: Excessive fluoride in water can damage teeth, bones
:::::: Human-to-human transmission of H5N1 highly unlikely, studies show
:::::: Doctors raise questions over Atkins diet
:::::: Mothers can pass psychiatric problems to children: Study
:::::: Why sleeping well is key to living well
:::::: Tasty wax apple helps keep doctors away
:::::: Breast asymmetry may increase cancer risk in women
:::::: Gene study enables prevention of eczema, asthma
:::::: Food sharing spreads disease?
:::::: Study: bird flu virus has divers strains, all dangerous
:::::: Brazil ends foot-and-mouth disease slaughter in southern state
:::::: Mongolia's first kidney transplant successfully performed
:::::: Japan reports 24th mad cow case
:::::: Diabetes research breakthrough expected to end insulin injections
:::::: Chemical found in red-hot peppers may cure prostate cancer: Study
:::::: New drug developed for Alzheimer's treatment
:::::: Chile works on law to curb smoking
:::::: Minister: Stay away from wild birds
:::::: Dengue fever hits east Madagascar island, dozens hospitalized
:::::: Food law bans CO processing
:::::: Study: aspirin-Plavix combo backfires in high-risk patients
:::::: Colombia reports new outbreak of hanta virus
:::::: 4 in 10 Greeks have weight problems: survey
:::::: U.S. confirms third case of mad cow disease
:::::: Calcium may cut severe pregnancy complications: study shows
:::::: Malaysia shuts all kindergartens in Sarawak to curb spread of HFMD
:::::: Aspirin useful in reducing stroke risk in patients with heart disease: study
:::::: Red wine may treat gum disease: study
:::::: Study finds safer method to treat heart failure
:::::: Patients of brain malaria found in southern Nepal
:::::: Brazil launches plan to end leprosy by 2010
:::::: Chikungunya may affect over 80% residents on Reunion: expert
:::::: Study links lowered teen abortion rate to Notification Law
:::::: Study: extra coffee drinking may brew trouble for heart
:::::: MS drug Tysabri gets green light from panel
:::::: Teens encouraged to drink sugarfree drinks
:::::: Lung cancer not always caused by smoking
:::::: FDA mulls MS drug's return to market
:::::: Breast cancer ravaging more
:::::: Drinking too much coffe may do heart harm
:::::: Women infected with West Nile may still have normal babies
:::::: 2 gene variations may cause blindness in elderly
:::::: Parents' methadone kills unknowing child
Indonesia's human bird flu death toll rises to 37
Iran says it has conducted research on nuclear fusion
Ladies behind football stars
Lin Chiling's latest photos for magazine
China considers tax breaks on charitable donations
Clean local Party elections urged
String of bombings kill over 40 in Iraq
Iran ready to restart nuclear talks with EU
SCO Summit 2006
Earthquake in Indonesia