Leaders Highlights
Chinese premier vows to curb desertification (10-02-2007)
President Hu urges more care for disabled people (10-02-2007)
Concert held to celebrate China's 58th founding anniversary (10-01-2007)
Premier: China to insist on reform, opening-up for harmonious society (09-30-2007)
Top adviser says China has zero tolerance to "Taiwan Independence" (09-28-2007)
Premier Wen urges technological upgrade in coal industry (09-27-2007)
Grassroots efforts urged to improve product quality (09-27-2007)
Premier Wen urges spending more on clean drinking water in rural areas (09-25-2007)

Visitors crowd tourist spots during holiday

Araxan Oasis tourism in Inner Mongolia

Holidaymakers travel around the country

Beijing holds festival for twins

Couples tie the knot on National Day

Fireworks display in Hong Kong

State Council holds reception banquet for National Day
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