National Celebrations
Olympic volunteers "rehearse" in National Day holiday (10-02-2007)
400,000 Chinese share one given name "Guoqing," meaning "National Day" (10-02-2007)
Beijing sees 300,000 tourists on 1st day of National Day (10-01-2007)
Reception held in HK to mark 58th National Day (10-01-2007)
China celebrates National Day (10-01-2007)
Concert held to celebrate China's 58th founding anniversary (10-01-2007)
HK to celebrate 58th National Day (09-28-2007)
Russian first deputy PM congratulates Chinese national day (09-28-2007)
Elderly people celebrate National Day (09-28-2007)
Chinese Embassy in Israel holds National Day celebration (09-24-2007)
Tian'anmen Square ready for National Day (09-26-2007)
China to strengthen food safety during holiday (09-24-2007)
Tian'anmen Square decorated for National Day (09-22-2007)
Olympics-themed greenery sculptures in Beijing (09-18-2007)
Fireworks display to mark National Day in HK (09-13-2007)
Tian'anmen Square receives annual facelift ahead of National Day celebrations (09-05-2007)

Visitors crowd tourist spots during holiday

Araxan Oasis tourism in Inner Mongolia

Holidaymakers travel around the country

Beijing holds festival for twins

Couples tie the knot on National Day

Fireworks display in Hong Kong

State Council holds reception banquet for National Day
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