Greeting Int'l Children's Day
Bush names new Treasury chief
ICBC may raise US$12b through HK IPO
Dumplings, sachets hot before festival
Ariane-5 launches two satellites
Satellite cities may alleviate housing woes
Beijingers may be moving out of the city in their droves in the next couple of years. So will many businesses, particularly small ones.
China's oil supply faces risks, expert says
China's oil supply is facing risks, which need to be solved mainly through domestic efforts, an oil expert said. Soaring oil price is the first risk, the expert said.
End obsession with GDP
The suggestion that local gross domestic product (GDP) growth could be allowed to fall below zero points to a pragmatic approach in terms of drawing up policies to attain balanced development.
Return of domestic IPOs
A week after the newly revised regulations on initial public offerings (IPO) came into effect, China promptly resumed IPO trading, bringing the share-merger reform to its final phase.
Pentagon Concerns Unjustified: newspaper
The Pentagon once again pointed the finger at China in its report to the US Congress on the nation's military power.
Society progresses with different civilizations
Cultural industry potential
Irresponsible stakeholder
Chinese traders should have level playing field
Building innovative society
Fostering a charity culture
China backs UN reform
China-Germany ties get boost as Merkel's trip ends
A noise that should be dispelled
Beijing takes energy lead
Indonesia needs assistance
Our heart goes out to the people of Indonesia as they struggle to cope with the devastating consequences of their latest earthquake.
Promote dialogue on energy co-operation
The first few years of the 21st century have witnessed long queues at petrol stations across the globe, while soaring prices in the New York petroleum futures market remind us how grim the world energy security situation is.
Are big-box stores truly a blessing?
Is Wal-Mart a good thing? As Wal-Mart and other huge stores are sprouting up in communities throughout the United States, more and more Americans are beginning to question the benefits these mammoth stores are bringing to their lives.
US is behind gold price hike, but not China
It is the end of the US housing boom that caused large amount of hot money to rush to resource commodities like gold, oil and bronze and cause the sharp price rise of these commodities. China's demand didn't affect that much.
Watch consequences of US-Libyan relations
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced on Monday that the United Stated decided to restore full diplomatic ties with Libya and clear the nation from the list of terrorism-supporting countries. The Libyan Government welcomed the decision.
Push for financial co-op
Blair reshuffles govt after local election loss
Life span disparity reflects North-South gap
China chance, not China threat to Africa
China, Africa seek win-win
Soaring oil prices a major concern to world
Economic ties root China-US ties in mutual benefit
Asian nations rise up in mutual confidence
China, US need to build mutual trust on security
Losers shout loudest
SCO Summit 2006
Earthquake in Indonesia
Iran Nuclear Crisis
Three Gorges Project
Indonesia's human bird flu death toll rises to 37
Iran says it has conducted research on nuclear fusion
New material makes invisibility possible: studies
Hollywood Jolie welcomes baby girl
Ladies behind football stars
Lin Chiling's latest photos for magazine
S. Korean stars promote World Cup
Madonna at her early age
Roddick, Petrova, Safin bow out of French Open
50 hooligans banned from attending World Cup matches
Liu Xiang wins 110m hurdles
Totti backs against Swiss
Chinese stories to prevail in Hollywood
Film on Irish struggle wins at Cannes
Faye Wong gives birth to second child
Ang Lee seeking new face for "Lust, Caution"
Working women healthier moms
Survey: One in five students use tobacco worldwide
Light drinking during pregnancy may impair child's IQ
Study confirms HIV virus originates in wild chimps