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PFP chairman leaves Beijing
Soong visits Prince Gong's Palace
Zeng Qinghong meets with Soong
Soong visits Qinghua University

PFP Chairman James C. Y. Soong Visits Mainland
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Two parties in historic meeting

No "Taiwan independence", no military conflicts: communique
   The Communist Party of China (CPC )and Taiwan's People First Party (PFP) agreed Thursday that if Taiwan does not seek independence, there will be no military conflicts across the Taiwan Straits, and that both shall work for the promotion of cross-Straits economic exchanges and trade.
Hu: Peace, stability common aspirations
   It is the common aspirations of the people on both sides of the Taiwan Straits to maintain peace and stability and promote development across the Straits, said Hu Jintao, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee Thursday afternoon.
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No "Taiwan independence", no military conflicts: communique ( 2005-05-12 21:34)
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Hu Jintao urges mutual political trust across Straits ( 2005-05-12 21:07)
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Soong: PFP, KMT to supervise authorities for the good of Taiwanese ( 2005-05-12 19:09)
CPC, PFP vow to promote economic exchanges across Straits ( 2005-05-12 18:36)
PFP's mainland tour likely to build bridge across the Straits ( 2005-05-12 18:32)
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nhua commentary: Political dialogue, trendy choice in cross-Straits ties ( 2005-05-05 20:47)
"Taiwan independence" enters blind alley ( 2005-05-01 17:07)
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