· Historical photos: Japan's surrender in World War II2016-08-14 20:36
· Symposium on war crime of Japanese Army Unit 731 held in NW China2015-09-24 15:36
· Japanese soldiers rape, kill new mothers: confession2015-09-02 21:19
· Handwritten confession from Japanese war criminal released2015-08-24 19:26
· Senior prisoner of war camp site museum opens in Liaoyuan, NE China2015-08-19 11:34
· Photo exhibition opens in Netherlands to mark 70th anniv. of anti-Japanese War victory2015-08-17 08:05
· Japanese war criminal confesses to murder, rape: archive2015-08-15 14:55
· "Flying Tigers" exhibition held in China's Chongqing2015-08-15 21:41
· Memorial hall for dead miners in Japan's invasion opens in China's Fuxin2015-08-15 21:40
· Press conference held to notify Tianjin explosion event2015-08-15 16:49
· 70th Anniv. of Victory in Anti-Japanese War commemorated on flight2015-08-15 18:54
· Japanese war criminal confesses to murder, rape: archive2015-08-13 18:44
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· Young Chinese visit Nanjing Massacre memorial2015-07-29 20:13
· People visit Memorial Hall of Victory of Anti-Japanese War in China's Zhijiang2015-07-29 21:53
· Villager builds memorial museum for Northeast Anti-Japanese Allied Army2015-07-29 21:13
· New evidence of Japanese biological warfare found at Unit 731 site in Harbin2015-07-29 15:35
· Chinese veteran mourns soldiers dead in anti-Japanese war2015-07-27 15:53
· Concert marking victory of Anti-Japanese War held in Sydney2015-07-27 08:03
· Deceased soldiers of Chinese Expeditionary Force in WWII honored2015-07-23 14:54
· Exhibition on Anti-Japanese War held in China's Zhengzhou2015-07-16 16:11
· Xi stresses peace on visit of war exhibition2015-07-07 22:37
· Old photos in memory of July 7 Incident2015-07-06 21:20
· Files recording Lugouqiao Incident in anti-Japanese war released2015-07-06 20:54
· Performances staged nationwide to mark 70th anniversary of WWII victory2015-07-06 17:32
· Residents visits Northeast China Martyrs Memorial Hall in Harbin2015-07-05 21:35
· Flying Tigers use Yunanyi Airport as airbase in anti-Japanese War2015-06-30 17:14
· 24-zig: Lifeline of Resistance War against Japanese in World War II2015-06-25 15:10
· Photo documents recording Chongqing in anti-Japanese war released2015-06-06 20:08
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