· Visitor arrivals to Hongcun Village remain high2014-10-06 20:46
· Railway travel peaks seen in Shanghai2014-10-06 19:03
· China sees more holiday tourists2014-10-06 08:27
· Music fireworks gala held in C China's Changsha to celebrate National Day2014-10-05 10:52
· Toursits in N China's Qinhuangdao during National Day holidays2014-10-05 10:40
· Scenic spots in Beijing packed with tourists on Oct. 22014-10-02 19:35
· "Xinhua Gallery" photo exhibition held in Canada to mark National Day2014-10-02 14:25
· Chinese celebrate National Day2014-10-02 09:47
· Tourists visit Great Wall on Chinese National Day in Beijing2014-10-01 16:57
· "Golden-Week" travel peak starts on Oct. 12014-10-01 16:44
· “Golden-week" brings tourism peak to China's Hangzhou2014-10-01 15:44
· Chinese embassy celebrates 65th National Day in Jakarta2014-10-01 09:06
· Chinese Embassy in Croatia holds reception to mark 65th National Day2014-10-01 08:48
· Chinese Consul General in Tijuana celebrates 65th National Day2014-10-01 13:06
· Chinese Embassy in Hungary hosts reception to mark 65th National Day2014-10-01 09:09
· Flag-raising ceremony marks 65th National Day across China2014-10-01 09:03
· Chinese Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City celebrates 65th National Day2014-10-01 08:35
· Chinese Embassy in Argentina hosts reception to mark 65th National Day2014-10-01 08:30
· Reception held in Macao to mark 65th National Day2014-09-30 19:14
· Flowers decorated to greet National Day in Lhasa2014-09-30 15:41
· Chinese National Day celebrated across world2014-09-30 13:32
· National Day celebrated across China2014-09-30 11:04
· Frontier soldiers celebrate National Day in Hebei, China2014-09-30 10:47
· Year of 2014 marks 60th anniv. of opening of Qinghai-Tibet highway2014-09-30 09:27
· "Dream Seeker Footprint" photographic exhibition held in Beijing2014-09-30 09:19
· Chinese Ambassy to Kuwait holds reception celebrating 65th Anniversary of National Day2014-09-29 08:22
· China holds reception to mark 65th anniversary of National Day in Uruguay2014-09-27 21:27
· Giant lantern designed to celebrate national day in Beijing2014-09-24 09:35
· Oil-paper umbrellas exhibition held to mark National Day2014-09-28 20:46
· Chinese take part in performance in Canada to celebrate national day2014-09-28 15:32
· Flowers decorated to greet upcoming National Day in Beijing2014-09-19 16:59
· Flower decorations prepared to greet upcoming National Day at Tian'anmen Square2014-09-18 13:17
· Flower decorations greet upcoming National Day at Tian'anmen Square2014-09-27 17:03
· Dragon boat competition held in China's Liuzhou2014-09-27 16:45
· China's National Day celebrated in Cambodia2014-09-26 22:14
· Theme flower terraces set at Tiananmen Square2014-09-25 10:43
· Symposium held in Beijing to learn Xi's speech2014-09-26 22:08