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· Lantern Festival brings festive outdoor fun2012-02-06 20:42
· Lantern Festival celebrated across China2012-02-06 19:07
· Yuanxiao on hot sale as Lantern Festival draws near2012-02-05 11:17
· Lanterns lit up for upcoming festival2012-02-05 10:27
· Dragon dances performed to celebrate Lantern Festival in Deqing, China's Zhejiang2012-02-03 21:07
· Glutinous rice flour dumpling made for Lantern Festival in Taipei2012-02-03 17:00
· Chengdu Panda Lantern Festival2012-02-03 16:05
· Dragon dance performed in Spring Festival reception in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia2012-02-02 20:58
· Glutinous rice balls sold as Lantern Festival approaches2012-02-02 20:40
· Miao ethnic group prays for harvest and happiness in new year in China's Guizhou2012-02-02 17:16
· Dragon dance performance held to greet upcoming Lantern Festival in China's Taiyuan2012-02-02 17:02
· Bamboo dragons made for Spring Festival and Lantern Festival in China's Zhejiang2012-02-01 20:37
· Artists perform for celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year in St. Petersburg2012-01-31 20:56
· Dragon lanterns made to celebrate Lantern Festival in China's Hangzhou2012-01-31 20:49
· Mexico offers greetings on Chinese lunar New Year, anniversary of ties2012-01-31 18:56
· Dragon & lion dance held at Shanghai Times Square2012-01-30 21:34
· 70 pct get fat after festival holiday2012-01-30 20:55
· Qinghai-Tibet railway provides 20 new services after Spring Festival holiday2012-01-30 19:59
· Adults under strain as hongbao grow fatter2012-01-30 17:04
· Chinese families celebrate Spring Festival in new public rental apartments2012-01-30 16:21
· Chinese community in Madrid enjoys Embrace China celebration2012-01-30 10:44
· Spring Festival sparks a "gold rush" in China2012-01-29 17:50
· Beijing firecracker spree results in 184 tonnes of paper scraps2012-01-28 19:03
· Lion dance competition concludes in Chinatown in Yangon2012-01-28 15:53
· Chinese railway readies as post-holiday travel rush begins2012-01-28 14:58
· Chinese villagers give up firecrackers for migratory swans2012-01-28 14:53
· New Year temple fair in Ditan2012-01-27 08:51
· Scenic spots receive more tourists on 5th day of Spring Festival holiday2012-01-26 21:48
· Ancient ritual dance marks Year of the Dragon2012-01-26 20:45
· More than two mln tourist arrivals seen in Shanghai during Spring Festival2012-01-26 20:19
· Microblog becomes popular way for young people to celebrate New Year2012-01-26 16:57
· Lunar New Year celebrations brew up at Chengdu tea houses2012-01-26 14:52
· Villagers stage drum show to celebrate ongoing Spring Festival2012-01-26 15:24
· Traditional Puju Opera performed for villagers in China's Shanxi in Spring Festival holiday2012-01-26 14:01
· Temple fair held in China's Tianjin in Spring Festival holiday2012-01-26 13:48
· Giant dragon and phenix lantern made to celebrate Chinese lunar Year2012-01-26 08:50
· Lantern festival held in Shanghai Yu Garden2012-01-24 21:03
· Ancient royal heaven worship ceremony acted in Temple of Heaven in Beijing2012-01-24 20:34
· Returned overseas Chinese witness development of Huaqiao farmland, China's Hainan2012-01-24 20:13
· Cultural activities held on 2nd day of Chinese Lunar New Year2012-01-24 17:12
· Foreigners perform dragon dance in China's Chongqing2012-01-24 16:32
· 200,000 visit Beijing parks on 1st day of Chinese lunar New Year2012-01-24 15:47
· Babies delivered at beginning of Chinese Lunar New Year of Dragon2012-01-24 14:53
· U.S. issues Dragon Stamp to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year2012-01-24 14:39
· Thailand's Queen celebrates Chinese Lunar New Year2012-01-24 11:08
· Chinese lunar Year of the Dragon celebrated in the world2012-01-24 10:24
· Foreigners celebrate Chinese Spring Festival2012-01-24 10:06
· New Yorkers celebrate Chinese New Year at Chinatown2012-01-24 09:28
· Celebrations held on 1st day of Chinese Lunar New Year2012-01-24 08:52
· China sells 31.56 million tickets for road travelers on Spring Festival2012-01-23 20:57
· Sydney's Red Ambassadors welcome visitors for Chinese New Year2012-01-23 19:06
· Chinese premier urges government to improve livelihoods of rural, urban dwellers2012-01-23 18:10
· Cleaners work hard to clean firecracker residue2012-01-23 10:25
· Beijing on alert for fire during lunar new year festival2012-01-23 11:11
· Dazzling celebrations to mark Year of Dragon in Macao2012-01-22 20:38
· Tibetans hang central leaders portraits ahead of New Year2012-01-22 19:14
· President Hu joins public to celebrate New Year2012-01-22 16:36
· More trains to serve festival home-goers2012-01-22 15:07
· Premier extends Spring Festival greetings to oil workers2012-01-22 14:41
· Lion dances performed in Cambodia to celebrate Chinese New Year2012-01-22 12:24
· UN chief congratulates Chinese people on Spring Festival2012-01-22 11:45
· Bad weather makes way home harder2012-01-22 10:15
· To celebrate Lunar New Year like Chinese2012-01-22 09:33
· China to have sufficient power supply during Spring Festival holiday2012-01-21 20:43
· Young panda keepers to spend Lunar New Year with cubs2012-01-21 20:30
· Snow, freezing weather coincides with China's New Year holiday2012-01-21 17:57
· Chinese Spring Festival 2012 marked in Nepal2012-01-21 17:19
· Chinese top leaders extend Spring Festival greetings to nation2012-01-21 15:57
· Cambodian PM sends greetings on Chinese New Year2012-01-21 13:54
· Luxury looks to cash in on Dragon2012-01-21 13:27
· Top Chinese leaders attend Lunar New Year reception2012-01-21 10:40
· Nasdaq opens bell-ring ceremony to mark Chinese Luner New Year2012-01-21 09:11
· Chinese Premier Wen visits Cambodian royal family in Beijing2012-01-21 08:53
· Chinese vice premier extends Lunar New Year greetings to Chinese scientists2012-01-21 09:14
· Senior official visits state TV's rehearsal of Lunar New Year gala2012-01-20 21:24
· Purchase widespread in Yangon to greet Chinese Spring Festival2012-01-20 21:12
· Express passenger liner facilitates cross-Strait homecomings2012-01-20 21:08
· Chinese president visits former leaders ahead of Lunar New Year2012-01-20 21:02
· Chinese premier visits former Cambodian King ahead of Lunar New Year2012-01-20 20:40
· Li Changchun visits cultural figures ahead of Spring Festival2012-01-20 20:30
· Vice Premier extends festival greetings to Chinese polar scientists2012-01-20 20:16
· Fireworks go on sale in Beijing for Spring Festival celebrations2012-01-20 19:54
· Railway stations embrace volume peak in orderly fashion2012-01-20 19:17
· Mainland official extends Lunar New Year greetings to Taiwan compatriots2012-01-20 18:44
· Dragon-themed fireworks sold to mark start of new year2012-01-20 11:49
· Urbanites suffer anxiety going home2012-01-20 11:43
· Parents visit children in city2012-01-20 11:39
· Chinese city dwellers head to mountains for a retro Chinese New Year2012-01-20 15:41
· Obama offers best wishes for Lunar New Year2012-01-20 10:21
· Traditional Chinese dragon dance performed in Jakarta2012-01-20 09:04
· Lanterns lit up along Confucius Temple and Qinhuai River2012-01-20 09:01
· Clinton offers best wishes for Lunar New Year2012-01-20 08:42
· Rain, snow to hit roads during Spring Festival travel peak2012-01-19 16:05
· People buy Lunar New Year decorations at Chinatown in Manhattan, NY2012-01-19 12:05
· Chinese paint the town red2012-01-19 10:48
· Spring Festival atmosphere spreads all over China2012-01-19 09:30
· Drunken Dragon Festival exhibition kicks off in Macao2012-01-19 10:14
· Thai PM celebrates Chinese New Year, sends good wishes2012-01-19 10:25
· Visitors enjoy New Year festivities in Zhoucun2012-01-18 15:51
· Lantern fair of Yuyuan held in Shanghai2012-01-18 10:44