· Traditional carnival held to celebrate Lantern Festival in Dejiang, SW China2013-02-24 22:09
· Aerial view of illuminated buildings in Shanghai2013-02-24 22:02
· Tens of thousands of visitors come to Confucius Temple on Lantern Festival2013-02-24 20:06
· Tourists enjoy snacks at Hubu street in China's Wuhan2013-02-24 20:13
· Visitors view parade of temple fair in China's Guangzhou2013-02-24 15:42
· People across China celebrate Lantern Festival2013-02-24 14:53
· Chinese receive Lantern Festival on Feb. 242013-02-24 10:25
· Hong Kong decorated with lights to greet Lantern Festival2013-02-22 09:44
· Dragon dance performed in firecrackers in Guangxi2013-02-21 09:23
· Chinese Lantern Festival falls on Feb. 242013-02-18 22:06
· "Cultures of China, Festival of Spring" show staged in U.S.2013-02-18 21:24
· Lunar New Year of Snake celebration held at Chinatown in Vancouver, Canada2013-02-18 10:41
· People celebrate Spring Festival in Johannesburg's Chinatown2013-02-17 15:54
· Number of tourists in Spring Festival holiday top 203 mln across China2013-02-17 13:40
· HK West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre 2013 attracts 20,000 visitors2013-02-17 11:33
· China's "Cultures of China, Festival of Spring" art group performs in France & Brazil2013-02-17 11:27
· Artists of Embrace China Art Group perform in Nairobi, Kenya2013-02-17 10:13
· 2013 Taipei lantern festival to kick off on Feb. 212013-02-17 09:58
· China's tourism revenue rise 15.4% in Spring Festival holidays2013-02-17 09:50
· Parades held in U.S. to celebrate traditonal Chinese Lunar New Year2013-02-17 09:35
· 39 cities see 76 mln tourists during holiday2013-02-16 13:44
· Tourists visit National Museum of Chinese Writing during holidays2013-02-14 20:36
· People parade to greet Chinese Lunar New Year in Tianjin2013-02-14 18:29
· Passenger flow peak reappears as Spring Festival holiday draws to close2013-02-14 18:15
· Lantern show held to celebrate Spring Festival in Suzhou2013-02-14 09:57
· People start return trips prior to end of Spring Festival holiday2013-02-13 16:12
· Numerous travelers cram in tourism sites across China2013-02-13 15:36
· Lusheng playing competition held to celebrate Spring Festival in S China's Guangxi2013-02-13 11:49
· Lantern shows held to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year2013-02-13 10:39
· 2nd day of Lunar New Year: Chinese married women visit parents with husbands2013-02-11 17:53
· People pray for blessings for new year in Faxi Temple in China's Hangzhou2013-02-11 19:02
· People gather at temple fair in City God's Temple in Hefei, China's Anhui2013-02-11 18:19
· Tibetans of Qinghai pray for blessings for new year2013-02-11 16:42
· Family of Tibetan ethnic group celebrate Losar in Xining, China's Qinghai2013-02-11 16:33
· Tourists ride sleds at Shichahai Lake Ice Rink in Beijing2013-02-11 13:01
· Various snake handicrafts seen at China's temple fairs2013-02-11 13:07
· Celebrations of Chinese Lunar New Year around the world2013-02-11 10:54
· Barca greet happy Chinese New Year2013-02-11 10:38
· Sydney Opera House lit up in red to celebrate Chinese lunar New Year2013-02-11 09:50
· Chinese Lunar New Year celebrated in Chinatown, Manhattan of New York City2013-02-11 10:34
· Parade held in Milan to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year2013-02-11 10:20
· Chinese overseas in France organize performances celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year of Snake2013-02-11 10:10
· Celebrations of Chinese Lunar New Year held in London, Britain2013-02-11 10:38
· "Happy 2013 Chinese Spring Festival" celebrations kicks off in Chinatown of Bangkok, Thailand2013-02-11 10:27
· Foreign students celebrate Spring Festival in China ancient town2013-02-10 21:53
· Chinese Lunar New Year celebrated around world2013-02-10 19:56
· Shanghai sees tourist peak on 1st day of Spring Festival2013-02-10 19:56
· Dragon dance parade held to mark Spring Festival in Macao2013-02-10 19:01
· Beijingers go to Lama Temple to pray for good fortune2013-02-10 15:37
· Fireworks mark start of Year of the Snake2013-02-10 08:03
· Chinese Zodiac: 12 animals to record the years2013-02-09 21:27
· Performers rehearse for Spring Festival parade in HK2013-02-09 16:38
· Fishermen rush back home for Spring Festival2013-02-09 14:36
· Players wear special T-shirt to mark Spring Festival2013-02-09 11:15
· Joyful Angelababy in New Year look2013-02-09 09:34
· Flower fairs to celebrate coming Spring Festival in Guangzhou2013-02-08 21:48
· Chongqing Railway Station sees travel rush ahead of Spring Festival2013-02-08 19:04
· Chinese leaders attend Spring Festival reception in Beijing2013-02-08 15:23
· Snake-themed photo collection2013-02-09 11:05
· Senior official oversees Spring Festival gala preparations2013-02-08 09:06
· Chinese Vice Premier urges marine interests safeguarding2013-02-08 10:01
· Festive mood spreads in New York's China Town2013-02-07 11:34
· 500,000 lanterns displayed in Nanjing Qinhuai Lantern Show2013-02-07 07:37
· Spring Festival travel rush continues in E China2013-02-07 19:53
· People enjoy lantern show in Baotuquan Park of Jinan2013-02-06 21:36
· Spring Festival party held at hospital in Tianjin2013-02-06 19:42
· People start shopping for coming Spring Festival2013-02-06 19:36
· Xi Jinping extends festival greetings to armed forces2013-02-06 19:13
· Foreign students celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year in Zhejiang2013-02-06 15:02
· China's transport system sees travel rush around Spring Festival2013-02-06 15:00
· Folk dance performed in NW China for upcoming Spring Festival2013-02-06 11:01
· Electricians ensure power supply for villagers during Spring Festival2013-02-06 10:40
· Lantern show held in Changsha to greet upcoming Spring Festival2013-02-06 09:24
· People rush home ahead of Spring Festival2013-02-05 16:36
· Festive lantern show to kick off in Jinan, Shandong2013-02-05 16:11
· Folk exhibition on Spring Festival customs held in Harbin2013-02-05 16:05
· Spring Festival celebration concert held in Los Angeles2013-02-05 09:16
· Overseas students celebrate Chinese New Year in Nanjing2013-02-04 21:41
· Shopping street in Fuzhou decorated to greet Spring Festival2013-02-04 21:03
· Artist makes papercut artworks of snake for Spring Festival2013-02-04 19:56
· Traditional activities held to celebrate Xiaonian Festival in Jiangxi2013-02-04 19:35
· Variety show held in Stockholm for Chinese Spring Festival2013-02-04 16:15
· Chinese-Indonesians prepare for Lunar New Year celebration2013-02-04 15:31
· Lantern festival held in Changsha to greet upcoming Spring Festival2013-02-04 10:01
· Temple of Earth Park decorated with red lanterns for Spring Festival2013-02-03 16:00
· "Happy Spring Festival" celebration held in Rome2013-02-03 16:32
· Chinese Spring Festival introduced to pupils in Brussels2013-02-03 09:59
· Chinese Spring Festival celebration held in Sao Paulo2013-02-03 11:11
· Lanterns decorated in Sichuan to greet Spring Festival2013-02-03 08:09
· Folk customs of Chinese Lunar New Year in C China2013-02-02 17:10
· Jinji Lake Lantern Fair kicks off in Suzhou2013-02-02 16:22
· Locals do Lunar New Year's shopping in Renhou, Hebei2013-02-01 17:31
· Expo for Spring Festival celebration opens in Vancouver2013-02-01 17:21
· Spring Festival celebrations held in Washington2013-02-01 16:56
· Longtan temple fair to kick off on Feb. 9 in Beijing2013-01-31 15:22
· People begin shopping for celebrating spring festival2013-01-30 21:51
· People celebrate upcoming Spring Festival with firefighters2013-01-30 20:52
· Sand paintings depict Spring Festival travel rush2013-01-31 10:03
· Spring Festival travel rush continues2013-01-30 18:36
· Migrant workers hurry home for family reunion at Spring Festival2013-01-29 21:51