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· China's national Peking Opera troupe wraps up U.S. visit2015-03-07 14:25
· Ghee flower exhibitions held in monasteries in NW China2015-03-06 07:21
· People celebrate Lantern Festival around China2015-03-05 16:13
· Children mould flour goats to greet Lantern Festival in E China2015-03-04 16:22
· People greet upcoming Lantern Festival in E China2015-03-04 16:03
· Chinese New Year Carnival 2015 kicks off in Toronto2015-03-03 14:21
· China's stance on HK constitutional reform unchanged2015-03-02 17:21
· Bike-riding activity held to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year in Brazil2015-03-02 07:14
· Art show for Spring Festival celebration held in Santiago, Chile2015-03-01 19:35
· Sheep lantern maze displayed during Spring Festival in Toronto2015-03-01 15:10
· Chinese artists perform in Cambodia to greet Spring Festival2015-03-01 10:13
· Locals crowd in Gold shop during Spring Festival in Vietnam2015-03-01 08:57
· People in S. Africa visit Chinese Spring Festival fair at China town2015-03-01 08:52
· Sydney holds Dragon boat competes to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year2015-02-28 18:24
· Peking Opera performed in Atlanta for Spring Festival2015-02-27 13:37
· Electronic "lucky money" brings new color to old tradition2015-02-25 23:19
· Spring Festival tourism revenue surges, outbound travels hot2015-02-25 22:46
· Festival fireworks sales down 32 pct in Beijing2015-02-25 22:47
· China sees robust holiday consumption2015-02-25 21:00
· China's railway police detain 123 scalpers during holiday2015-02-25 20:28
· UnionPay cross-border transactions surge in Spring Festival spree2015-02-25 18:54
· China's air traffic up during Spring Festival2015-02-25 18:21
· China's air traffic up during Spring Festival holiday2015-02-25 15:12
· "Cultures of China, Festival of Spring" staged in Myanmar2015-02-25 11:04
· Retail sales surge during China's Lunar New Year holiday2015-02-24 22:44
· Dragon dance performed in New York City to celebrate Chinese New Year2015-02-25 10:01
· "Happy Chinese New Year" evening gala held in Berlin2015-02-25 07:29
· Traffic peaks as Lunar New Year holiday ends2015-02-24 20:00
· Traffic peaks as Lunar New Year holiday ends2015-02-24 18:56
· New Zealand parliament to mark China's Lunar New Year2015-02-24 11:43
· Bad weather to disrupt holiday traffic rush2015-02-24 11:43
· China's "Chunyun" return travel hectic amid snow, rain, fog2015-02-24 11:43
· Hong Kong agency celebrates lunar new year in London2015-02-24 07:04
· Spring Festival celebrated in S. China's Hong Kong2015-02-23 21:17
· Mighty rams or timid lambs: Children of Year of Sheep2015-02-23 18:07
· China sees passenger flow return peak2015-02-23 16:33
· People in E. China's Shandong celebrate Spring Festival2015-02-23 15:10
· Record crowd welcomes Year of the Sheep in Vancouver2015-02-23 11:58
· People watch lantern show in NW China's Qinghai2015-02-23 10:00
· 130,000 attend Sydney's Chinese New Year parade2015-02-23 08:48
· People celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year in Britain2015-02-23 07:13
· Year of Sheep Twilight Parade lands on Sydney street2015-02-22 19:55
· Xinhua Insight: Lunar New Year gift giving in the Internet era2015-02-22 19:09
· Chinese New Year Concert held in Toronto2015-02-22 15:47
· Feature: Celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year at Disneyland California2015-02-22 11:02
· Tourists visit temple fair in central China's Henan Province2015-02-22 10:22
· Tourists like to spend Spring Festival in ancient towns2015-02-22 10:09
· Parade held to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year in Brazil2015-02-22 07:25
· Spring Festival celebration held in Singapore2015-02-22 07:22
· People attend various festivites to celebrate Spring Festival in China2015-02-21 18:33
· LunarFest held to celebrate Lunar New Year in Vancouver2015-02-21 15:09
· Lion and dragon dance competition held in Yangon's Chinatown2015-02-21 12:44
· Traditional dance performed to celebrate Chinese New Year in Mexico2015-02-21 12:41
· Changchun witnesses first snowfall of Chinese Lunar New Year2015-02-21 12:18
· Chinese traditional lion dance performed in Santo Domingo's Chinatown2015-02-21 09:36
· Spring Festival gala in Estonia attracts locals learning Chinese culture2015-02-21 09:20
· Chinese art shines in NYC during Spring Festival2015-02-21 08:29
· Giant dragon lantern displayed in Melbourne for Lunar New Year2015-02-21 07:35
· Indonesia marks water splashing festival during Chinese New Year2015-02-21 07:18
· Traditional Chinese New Year music concert performed in Sydney2015-02-21 07:13
· Spotlight: Overseas celebrations of Spring Festival draw warm response2015-02-20 21:05
· People of Yi ethnic group celebrate Spring Festival in SW China2015-02-20 20:18
· Chongqing's Ciqikou Town receives over 90,000 tourists during Spring Festival2015-02-20 20:13
· Tourists enjoy their Spring Festival holiday in Lhasa2015-02-20 19:45
· Qilou old street attracts visitors during Spring Festival in Haikou2015-02-20 19:11
· Locals have fun at temple fair in China's Henan Province2015-02-20 19:03
· Family dinners for Lunar New Year across China2015-02-20 16:01
· People gather to celebrate at Beijing's Ditan Park2015-02-20 15:54
· Canadian PM joins Lunar New Year celebrations in Vancouver2015-02-20 13:11
· Dragon and lion dance performed during Chinese New Year in Netherlands2015-02-20 08:33
· Chinese Lunar New Year marked in Sao Paulo, Brazil2015-02-20 07:58
· Greek PM praises Greece-China cooperation2015-02-20 07:51
· China Focus: Traditions light up Lunar New Year2015-02-19 20:09
· Chinese lunar new year celebrated at Yokohama China Town in Japan2015-02-19 20:04
· World leaders congratulate China on Spring Festival2015-02-19 18:48
· Chinese Lunar New Year celebrated across China2015-02-19 18:33
· Event held in Bangkok to welcome Chinese tourists, celebrate New Year2015-02-19 16:27
· Peopel pray on 1st day of Chinese Lunar New Year in Indonesia2015-02-19 16:08
· China's Hohhot witnesses snowfall on Chinese New Year's Eve2015-02-19 15:41
· Gov't asks fire safety checks in social welfare institutions2015-02-19 15:25
· Fewer firework accidents in Beijing this New Year2015-02-19 15:24
· People perform dragon dance to celebrate Year of Sheep in Macao2015-02-19 14:57
· Annual temple fair at Badachu Park in Beijing2015-02-19 14:02
· Court play staged in Shenyang Palace Museum2015-02-19 13:52
· Sydney witnesses Year of Sheep2015-02-19 12:32
· Nepalese PM expresses Lunar New Year wishes2015-02-19 12:00
· Chinese Spring Festival Concert held in Madrid2015-02-19 10:15
· China Focus: Chinese celebrate Lunar New Year with traditions, expectations2015-02-18 21:32
· Madrid celebrates Chinese New Year in style2015-02-18 21:13
· Lion, dragon dance kicks off Chinese new year celebration in Yangon2015-02-18 18:46
· China Voice: TV gala indispensable for China's lunar New Year Eve2015-02-18 16:54
· Feature: U.S. retailers gear up for Chinese New Year shopping spree2015-02-18 16:47
· Chinese New Year celebrated with fireworks over New York's Hudson River2015-02-18 15:57
· Philippine president greets Filipino-Chinese on Lunar New Year2015-02-18 15:50
· New York's Empire State Building lit up for Chinese New Year2015-02-18 14:42
· HK CE delivers Lunar New Year message2015-02-18 14:27
· People enjoy Chinese Carnival in Paris2015-02-18 14:24
· Chinese culture show to burnish New Zealand Lantern Festival event2015-02-18 13:58
· Ministry tightens supervision on cultural market during Spring Festival2015-02-18 13:43
· Lion dance performed in Cambodia to celebrate Chinese New Year2015-02-18 11:35