International Response
· Algeria to participate in Geneva II conference on Syria2013-12-29 02:56
· To start moving out Syria's chemical weapons despite delay: UN chief2013-12-29 09:24
· German president calls for tolerance towards refugees2013-12-24 20:09
· Iran ready to play "constructive" role in Geneva II talks on Syria: FM2013-12-22 19:16
· China to continue supporting Syria's weapons disposal work2013-12-19 18:01
· OPCW urges contributions to destruction of Syria's chemical weapons2013-12-18 21:23
· Moscow calls on Syrian government, opposition to jointly fight terrorism2013-12-18 20:29
· Italy grants additional 15 mln USD aid to Syrian refugees in Lebanon2013-12-14 20:34
· Russia supports invitation of Iran to Geneva II talks on Syria: FM2013-12-11 19:25
· Russia supports invitation of Iran to Geneva II talks on Syria: FM2013-12-11 18:38
· Russia supports invitation of Iran to Geneva II talks on Syria: FM2013-12-11 18:31
· Iran reiterates support for political solution to Syria crisis2013-12-01 19:34
· China welcomes Geneva II conference on Syria: FM2013-11-26 19:03
· China welcomes Geneva II conference on Syria2013-11-26 18:20
· Kerry welcomes new peace conference on Syria2013-11-26 03:40
· Obama hails Slovakia's interest in helping destroy Syrian chemical weapons2013-11-22 09:48
· DPRK denies reports of sending fighter pilots to Syria2013-11-15 12:07
· Albania undecided on whether to destroy Syria chemical arms on its soil2013-11-13 09:42
· Russia, U.S. agree Syrian opposition not ready for Geneva-II: Russian FM2013-11-06 22:41
· China calls for Geneva II conference support2013-11-06 18:21
· Russia sees recent Syrian opposition moves as provocative2013-11-05 20:45
· Geneva II preparatory meeting to push peace talks on Syria2013-11-05 16:37
· China calls for early peace conference on Syria2013-11-05 09:35
· Arab League urges Syrian opposition to attend Geneva II conference2013-11-04 11:53
· China "satisfied" with Syria chemical weapons progress: FM2013-11-01 20:43
· Russia to stay out of Syria's domestic affairs: diplomat2013-10-31 22:44
· Chinese experts to join chemical weapon destruction mission in Syria2013-10-31 17:48
· UN envoy arrives in Syria for preparation to Geneva II conference2013-10-28 18:54
· UN chemical weapons mission visited 18 sites in Syria: spokesman2013-10-24 05:40
· EU calls on Syrian opposition to participate actively in Geneva conference2013-10-22 01:33
· Assad says Syria is fighting al-Qaida, its affiliates2013-10-22 02:56
· UN humanitarian chief calls for immediate ceasefire in rural Damascus2013-10-20 16:23
· Lebanon criticizes int'l community's response to Syrian refugee crisis2013-10-18 17:48
· UN chief to convene Geneva II conference for Syria2013-10-18 16:06
· China supports Iran's participation in Syria talks: FM spokeswoman2013-10-10 22:47
· Russia hails Ban's proposals on Syria2013-10-10 21:36
· 12 more chemical experts arrive in Syria2013-10-10 18:39
· Chemical experts visit chemical material storage in Syria2013-10-09 02:40
· Iran not to accept any pre-condition for attending talks on Syria: spokeswoman2013-10-09 02:40
· Turkey never assists al-Qaida-linked rebels in Syria: FM2013-10-08 22:54
· U.S. says no changes to stance on Assad despite Kerry's positive remarks2013-10-08 14:08
· UN chief proposes establishment of OPCW-UN joint mission to remove Syria's chemical weapons2013-10-08 12:19
· Russia satisfied with process of destruction of Syrian chemical weapons2013-10-07 22:42
· Chemical experts begin destroying Syria's chemical arsenal: statement2013-10-07 06:47
· UN chemical experts start 1st day of field mission: source2013-10-06 20:24
· Turkish president warns of radicalization in Syria2013-10-04 19:02
· Chinese experts to join Syria weapons inspections2013-09-30 20:11
· Russia calls for pragmatic steps on removing Syrian chemical weapons2013-09-28 22:51
· Commentary: UN resolution moves Syria crisis from deadlock to political process2013-09-28 19:49
· Lebanon hopes Geneva II conference initiate political solution on Syria2013-09-28 16:40
· UN council members united for Syria chemical weapons resolution2013-09-28 14:32
· UNSC adopts resolution on dismantling Syrian chemical arsenal2013-09-28 11:23
· OPCW to begin Syria inspections next week2013-09-28 10:13
· UNSC adopts resolution on dismantling Syrian chemical arsenal2013-09-28 08:52
· UNSC adopts resolution on dismantling Syrian chemical arsenal2013-09-28 08:22
· Obama cautiously welcomes pending U.N. resolution on Syria2013-09-28 07:22
· China hopes to see early launch of verifying, destroying Syrian chemical weapons2013-09-28 06:03
· China urges early adoption of UN resolution on Syria's chemical weapons2013-09-28 05:15
· ROK condemns use of chemical weapons in Syria2013-09-28 05:12
· Russia warns against attempts to "pass verdicts" on Syrian chemical weapons2013-09-28 04:10
· UN inspectors to complete 2nd round of investigation on Monday2013-09-28 01:52
· Pakistan calls for political solution to Syria crisis2013-09-28 01:47
· Chinese FM calls for political solutions2013-09-27 21:00
· UNHCR welcomes Brazil humanitarian visas for Syrian refugees2013-09-27 18:22
· U.N. Security Council agrees to draft resolution on Syria's chemical weapons2013-09-27 15:38
· Kerry says U.S., Russia reach deal on Syria resolution2013-09-27 08:48
· As expected, Syria at the fore in annual UN debate2013-09-27 07:45
· International community vows to help Lebanon settle Syrian refugees2013-09-27 05:38
· Iraqi PM, UN envoy stress need for political solution to solve Syrian crisis2013-09-26 23:29
· China, Russia issue joint statement on Syria crisis2013-09-26 11:56
· Kuwaiti PM calls for end to bloodshed in Syria2013-09-26 07:10
· China urges Security Council to adopt resolution on Syria's chemical weapons as soon as possible2013-09-26 06:17
· Peru calls for peaceful, negotiated solution to Syria crisis2013-09-26 05:42
· Russian diplomat accuses U.S. of promoting "illogical" UNSC resolution2013-09-24 21:18
· Russian diplomat accuses U.S. of promoting "illogical" UNSC resolution2013-09-24 18:54
· Russian diplomat accuses U.S. of attempting to endorse "illogical" UNSC resolution2013-09-24 16:14
· Media, former defense chiefs blast Obama's Syria policy2013-09-24 02:37
· UN, Arab League leaders stress need for early end to Syria crisis2013-09-23 03:05
· Russia accuses U.S. of insisting on "use of force" against Syria2013-09-23 02:56
· Russian embassy shelled as Syria discloses chemical arsenal2013-09-23 02:54
· China to continue to work with int'l community on Syria2013-09-18 19:14
· Chile backs U.S.-Russia accord to destroy Syria's chemical weapons2013-09-18 11:04
· China appreciates UN report on Syria2013-09-17 16:54
· U.S. welcomes UN report on Syria as Russia warns against hasty conclusions2013-09-17 15:03
· China condemns any use of chemical weapons: ambassador2013-09-17 14:38
· Japan condemns chemical weapon use in Syria2013-09-17 13:55
· Turkish jets over Syrian border after militant clashes2013-09-16 21:23
· NATO chief welcomes U.S., Russia deal on Syrian chemical weapons2013-09-15 06:04
· U.S.-Russian deal infuriates Syria's opposition warmongers, gives hope to political solution2013-09-15 05:30
· U.S., Russia agree on plan over Syria's chemical weapons2013-09-15 05:08
· Syria membership in chemical weapon treaty takes effect Oct. 142013-09-15 05:06
· Baghdad denies Syria moving chemical weapons to Iraq2013-09-15 05:05
· France hails U.S., Russia deal on Syrian chemical arms2013-09-15 05:04
· Fidel Castro lauds Russian initiative on Syria chemical weapons2013-09-15 05:04
· Obama welcomes U.S., Russia deal on Syrian chemical weapons2013-09-15 05:03
· Syrian opposition rejects U.S.-Russia deal on chemical weapons2013-09-14 22:55
· U.N. chief welcomes framework agreed by Russia, U.S. over Syria's chemical weapons2013-09-14 22:35
· U.S., Russia agree on plan over Syria's chemical weapons2013-09-14 21:04
· UN seeks more information from Syria for entry to anti-chemical arms convention2013-09-14 06:30
· Political solution to Syrian crisis benefits Lebanon: PM2013-09-14 05:42