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· EU reaffirms strong position on Russia over Ukraine crisis2017-02-07 07:25
· Russia accuses Ukraine of undermining Minsk deals2017-01-31 21:30
· Xi says China to play constructive role in addressing Ukraine crisis2017-01-17 21:50
· Civilians still bear brunt of conflict in east Ukraine: UN report2016-12-08 21:57
· Rebels propose new areas for separating forces in E. Ukraine: media2016-10-25 06:55
· Russia, Germany urge all parties to focus on peace process in Ukraine2016-08-15 20:12
· Moscow might cut diplomatic ties with Kiev: Russian PM2016-08-12 21:47
· Moscow might cut diplomatic ties with Kiev if no other options available: Russian PM2016-08-12 20:42
· Ukrainian president orders high combat readiness on borders with Crimea, in Donbass2016-08-11 20:57
· Ukrainian president orders high combat readiness on border with Crimea2016-08-11 19:52
· Russian, German FMs exchange views on Syria, Ukraine2016-08-10 15:46
· Ukrainian rebel leader severely wounded in explosion2016-08-06 19:24
· Rebel representative warns full-scale fighting may resume in E. Ukraine2016-08-02 10:21
· Contact group on Ukraine fails to agree on withdrawing forces in Donbass2016-07-28 07:38
· Aftermath of ceasefire violations in Ukraine2016-07-11 09:02
· Kerry says full implementation of Minsk agreements to start by year end2016-07-08 17:54
· News Analysis: New gov't inspires cautious hope for positive changes in Ukraine2016-07-03 14:25
· Kiev says deployment of police mission key condition for E. Ukraine elections2016-06-18 11:17
· 2 killed, 13 wounded in latest E. Ukraine confrontation2016-06-10 07:13
· Ukraine mulls resuming gas imports from Russia in Q32016-06-07 21:43
· News Analysis: Ukrainian president's political legacy mixed after two years in office 2016-06-01 23:07
· Five soldiers killed in new clashes in eastern Ukraine2016-05-29 21:06
· Leaders of four nations reiterate need to fully implement Minsk agreement2016-05-24 21:16
· 4 world leaders discuss settlement of Ukraine crisis2016-05-24 11:59
· Violence returns to E. Ukraine as Easter truce ends2016-05-17 02:26
· Kremlin says Minsk agreement in "deplorable" shape2016-05-10 21:38
· China urges lasting, balanced political solution to Ukraine crisis2016-04-29 13:23
· Obama, Putin talk about Syria, Ukraine: White House2016-04-19 06:56
· Ukraine forms new parliamentary coalition2016-04-14 19:53
· Ukrainian parliament accepts resignation of Yatsenyuk, appoints Groysman as PM2016-04-14 17:43
· Spotlight: Ukraine's parliament postpones ruling on PM's resignation 2016-04-13 12:36
· 4 killed in car-truck collision in Ukraine2016-04-11 21:41
· Dutch referendum on Ukraine hinges on popularity of European integration2016-04-06 18:21
· News Analysis: Ukraine teeters on brink of chaos amid new political crisis2016-03-01 21:03
· Germany, France urge Ukraine to continue reforms for sake of stability2016-02-23 22:19
· Top Ukrainian prosecutor resigns over alleged blocking of corruption investigation2016-02-19 22:03
· Ukrainian government survives non-confidence vote 2016-02-17 04:15
· Ukraine promises to open new crossing point in eastern region2016-01-28 05:08
· Rebels in E. Ukraine say ready to release hostages2016-01-06 21:09
· Trade part of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement becomes operational2016-01-01 20:36
· Yearender: Ukraine sees glimmers of hope to go out of crisis, but a long way to reach national stability2015-12-24 16:54
· Ukraine fighting abates, may erupt again: senior UN official2015-12-12 12:06
· Human rights situation precarious in Ukraine despite lull in hostilities: report2015-12-09 20:34
· Eight injured in grenade attack outside Ukrainian capital2015-12-07 20:46
· OSCE ministerial meeting ends with divergence over Ukraine2015-12-05 13:48
· NATO chief reaffirms support for Ukraine, calls for stable relations with Russia2015-12-02 20:58
· Pentagon begins 2nd phase of support for Ukraine2015-11-24 10:00
· Moscow urges Kiev to restore power supply to Crimea2015-11-23 21:42
· State of emergency imposed in Crimea after destruction of electricity pylons2015-11-22 20:53
· State of emergency imposed in Crimea after electricity pylons blown up2015-11-22 16:07
· State of emergency imposed in Crimea after electricity pylons blown up2015-11-22 15:12
· UN refugee agency delivers aid to eastern Ukraine for first time in months2015-11-10 06:50
· Fourteen dead as fishing boat capsizes in Ukraine2015-10-18 22:00
· Russia calls for continued investigation into crash of Malaysian Airlines flight MH172015-10-14 07:28
· MH17 hit by Buk missile system: Dutch Safety Board2015-10-14 07:19
· China applauds Normandy quartet meeting on Ukraine2015-10-08 20:04
· Ukraine withdraws heavy weapons from front line after Paris talks2015-10-04 07:22
· Ukraine cancels emergency import duties on foreign cars2015-09-30 19:35
· Kiev bans Russia's flagship airline from flying to Ukraine2015-09-28 22:13
· NATO chief considers Minsk accord only way out of Ukraine crisis2015-09-22 21:26
· Ukraine withdraws from nuclear construction deal with Russia2015-09-16 19:59
· Canada starts training Ukrainian troops2015-09-14 23:07
· EU extends sanctions over Ukraine crisis by 6 months2015-09-15 05:18
· Children in east Ukraine suffer conflict-related stress: OSCE2015-09-11 04:13
· Hollande proposes meeting on Ukraine to end deadlock2015-09-07 20:20
· France's Hollande condemns fresh violence in Ukraine2015-09-02 21:02
· Death toll from clashes in Kiev rises to 32015-09-01 21:01
· Violence outside Kiev Parliament following autonomy vote2015-09-01 11:40
· Dozens injured in clashes in central Kiev2015-08-31 21:47
· European Commission President meets with Ukraine's president in Brussels2015-08-27 18:24
· Leaders of France, Germany, Ukraine to meet Monday on escalating violence2015-08-19 21:27
· Russian FM appeals for new efforts to ease mounting tension in SE Ukraine2015-08-17 21:15
· Ukraine releases video of "Russian soldier"2015-08-17 15:34
· Ukrainian boy injured by grenade in stable condition2015-08-17 10:06
· EU accuses fighters in the Ukraine conflicts of peace deal violation2015-08-13 03:06
· Britain to expand training program for Ukrainian troops: defence chief2015-08-12 01:02
· Russian "selfie tourists" shot by Ukrainian border guard: report 2015-07-27 09:41
· Rivals in east Ukraine asked to swiftly sign arms withdrawal accord2015-07-24 12:33
· Ukraine's inflation skyrockets to 40.7 percent2015-07-07 08:10
· European Parliament president urges political solution to eastern Ukraine conflict2015-07-03 21:12
· Ukrainian parliament approves new security chief2015-07-02 19:54
· NATO chief: NATO to support Ukraine politically, practically2015-06-25 19:05
· Ukraine's Opposition Bloc urges unilateral implementation of Minsk accord2015-06-24 21:42
· Ukrainian Parliament dismisses top security chief2015-06-18 20:48
· Ukrainian Parliament ratifies 1.8-bln-euro loan deal with EU2015-06-18 20:43
· Ukraine's fuel depot fire put out after 9 days2015-06-17 21:57
· Ukraine's fuel depot fire under control, Kiev says2015-06-10 20:46
· Heavy casualties feared in fuel depot explosion near Kiev2015-06-09 19:43
· Huge explosion, fire at fuel depot near Kiev kill several2015-06-09 18:33
· G7 expresses concerns over Ukraine, pressing for implementation of ceasefire2015-06-08 21:51
· G7 expresses concerns over Ukraine, urging implementation of ceasefire2015-06-08 21:41
· Moscow urges West to push Kiev to fulfill Minsk agreement2015-06-08 20:41
· NATO urges "full implementation" of Minsk agreements amid new violations2015-06-05 22:34
· Ukraine to boost defense spending to deal with threats in east2015-06-04 20:57
· Russian defense manufacturer denies involvement in MH17 crash2015-06-02 21:42
· EBRD mulls new projects to support Ukraine's businesses2015-05-27 20:22
· Ukraine does not seek immediate NATO membership: official2015-05-27 19:32
· Ukraine withdraws from 5 military accords with Russia2015-05-21 20:33
· Ukraine's Opposition Bloc party calls for lifting communist ideology ban2015-05-19 20:14