World's press leaders urge protection for media IPRs
09-27 19:08
Leaders of the world's most renowned press institutions on Tuesday urged more legal protection for the intellectual property rights of media organizations.
World media survive, thrive on good journalism, sound order
09-28 11:57
The 2-day gathering has yielded positive fruits as expected --- the tycoons discussed the development and new landscape of world media industry. Topics focused on system and mechanism for cooperation, IPR protection, journalists' on-the-job safety and the media's role in natural disasters.
World Media Summit Presidium Meeting concludes, attendees reach agreements
09-27 15:37
World media giants reached multiple agreements on a set of specified topics at the World Media Summit (WMS) Presidium Meeting held on Tuesday in Beijing.
The rise of new media provides opportunities for cooperation: media tycoons
09-27 19:41
New media's emergence has brought about unprecedented opportunities for cooperation between different types of media globally, said world media tycoons during the presidium meeting of the World Media Summit (WMS) on Tuesday in Beijing.
World Media Summit: vital channel for enhancing media giants' cooperation
09-27 19:40
While addressing the meeting, President of the WMS and President of Xinhua News Agency Li Congjun said the global media landscape has undergone profound changes since the first WMS was convened.
World media leaders calls for strengthened cooperation between traditional and new media
09-27 19:06
Leading figures from some of the world's most renowned media organizations on Tuesday called for enhanced cooperation between traditional and new media especially with regards to natural disaster reporting.