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· Xi-Obama summit signals beginning of fruitful Sino-U.S. cooperation: Chinese lawmaker2013-06-13 11:21
· Xi-Obama summit boosts mutual trust, understanding2013-06-11 23:17
· President Xi watches Shenzhou-10 manned spacecraft launch2013-06-11 18:16
· China successfully launches Shenzhou-10 spacecraft2013-06-11 18:13
· China successfully launches Shenzhou-10 spacecraft2013-06-11 18:04
· President Xi voices congratulations on Shenzhou-10 launch2013-06-11 18:06
· Xi-Obama summit seen to set positive tone for future ties2013-06-10 21:06
· Interview: Xi-Obama summit successfully reaffirms U.S.-China ties: Brzezinski2013-06-10 10:16
· Mexico, China draw up tourism joint agreements2013-06-10 09:43
· China, Latin America to boost agricultural cooperation2013-06-09 23:41
· Media, experts say Xi-Obama talks key to bilateral ties, global development2013-06-10 00:58
· Commentary: Xi-Obama summit opens new chapter in China-U.S. relations2013-06-10 00:10
· Analysts laud China-U.S. commitment to build relations2013-06-09 23:51
· Interview: First Xi-Obama summit "positive": U.S. expert2013-06-09 23:42
· Xi, Obama meeting meaningful in forging relations2013-06-09 23:21
· Chinese President returns to Beijing after three-nation visit, Obama meeting2013-06-09 22:02
· Xi-Obama summit opens new chapter in trans-Pacific cooperation2013-06-09 14:55
· Xi proposes building new type of ties in all aspects of China-U.S. relations2013-06-09 13:19
· China firmly supports cyber security: Chinese president2013-06-09 12:50
· First Xi-Obama summit "positive, constructive:" White House2013-06-09 12:16
· Xi, Obama vow to jointly tackle climate change, reduce hydrofluorocarbons2013-06-09 11:17
· Xi, Obama reaffirm opposition to trade protectionism2013-06-09 11:06
· Xi, Obama agree to maintain coordination on hotspot issues in Asia-Pacific2013-06-09 11:22
· Chinese president voices confidence in China-U.S. cooperation2013-06-09 09:05
· Xi, Obama hold second meeting on economic ties2013-06-09 08:53
· Xi, Obama hold second meeting on economic ties2013-06-09 02:42
· Interview: Xi's visit opens new chapter in China-Latin America ties, says UN official2013-06-09 00:13
· Interview: Obama, Xi summit to set tone for new type of relations: expert2013-06-08 23:36
· Xi, Obama meet press2013-06-08 15:47
· Feature: As Xi holds two-day summit with Obama, residents of desert oasis extend warm welcome2013-06-08 15:13
· Xi, Obama have working dinner after first summit2013-06-08 12:20
· Xi, Obama meet for first summit2013-06-08 10:17
· In pictures: Xi, Obama meet for 1st summit2013-06-08 09:52
· Xi, Obama meet for first summit2013-06-08 09:42
· Xi, Obama meet for first summit2013-06-08 09:16
· Xi, Obama meet for 1st summit2013-06-08 08:30
· Xinhua Insight: Xi-Obama meeting to create new climate for world economy2013-06-07 21:54
· Xi's visit to Latin America & Caribbean a success: FM2013-06-07 20:15
· President Xi's Latin American tour yields fruitful results: FM2013-06-07 20:10
· President Xi begins 2-day meeting with Obama2013-06-07 19:24
· S. African media upbeat about China-U. S. summit to seek new type of relationship2013-06-07 18:58
· Chinese President Xi Jinping visits Chichen Itza in Mexico2013-06-07 18:22
· Commentary: Unprecedented Xi-Obama summit highlights unparalleled task of redefining inter-power ties2013-06-07 17:18
· Chinese President Xi Jinping, wife arrive in California2013-06-07 17:04
· Special Report: Xi's trip opens new horizon for ties with Latin America2013-06-07 14:25
· China, Mexico pledge to enhance cultural exchanges2013-06-07 14:06
· Most Americans see China as friend than foe: poll2013-06-07 11:46
· Chinese president arrives in California for summit with Obama2013-06-07 09:24
· Xi leaves Mexico for U.S., to hold summit with Obama2013-06-07 06:01
· Xi's Latin America tour deepens ties with developing countries2013-06-06 23:05
· President Xi lays wreath at Altar of Fatherland in Mexico City2013-06-06 19:50
· Peng Liyuan visits Mexican broadcaster Televisa2013-06-06 18:13
· News Analysis: Xi-Obama summit to focus on "big picture" of China-U.S. ties2013-06-06 17:36
· Presidents of China, Mexico attend entrepreneur conference2013-06-06 16:12
· First Xi-Obama summit "strategic, historic meeting," says Chinese ambassador2013-06-06 15:25
· Chinese president awarded key to Mexico City2013-06-06 14:41
· China-Mexico ties face unprecedented opportunity: Xi2013-06-06 13:25
· Chinese president urges joint efforts to expand economic cooperation with Mexico2013-06-06 06:52
· Xi calls for more exchanges between Chinese, Mexican legislatures2013-06-06 05:26
· Xi delivers speech on China' ties with Mexico, LatAm2013-06-06 03:41
· China, Mexico vow to enhance cooperation in culture, technology2013-06-05 17:32
· China, Mexico pledge to deepen cooperation in economy, trade2013-06-05 17:13
· Chinese president welcomed by his Mexican counterpart2013-06-05 17:10
· China pledges to deepen comprehensive strategic partnership with Mexico2013-06-05 14:13
· China, Mexico vow to enhance political dialogue2013-06-05 13:58
· Xi's trip ushers in new chapter for China-Latin American relations2013-06-05 10:39
· China, Mexico upgrade relationship to comprehensive strategic partnership2013-06-05 08:48
· Chinese, Mexican presidents discuss bilateral cooperation2013-06-05 06:53
· Chinese president arrives in Mexico for state visit2013-06-05 02:33
· Chinese president leaves Costa Rica for Mexico2013-06-04 23:49
· Poverty elimination remains important task of Chinese government: President Xi2013-06-04 16:58
· China, Costa Rica agree to enhance bilateral communication, cooperation2013-06-04 11:49
· Chinese president receives Key to city of San Jose2013-06-04 11:34
· China, Mexico set to further promote trade ties2013-06-04 09:18
· Xi calls on China, Costa Rica to strengthen inter-parliamentary exchanges, cooperation2013-06-04 08:16
· Wife of Chinese President visits National Children's Hospital of Costa Rica2013-06-04 07:23
· Caribbean media, LatAm leaders hail Chinese president's visit2013-06-04 00:29
· Chinese, Costa Rican presidents discuss bilateral cooperation2013-06-03 23:30
· News Analysis: Xi's Mexico visit to lift bilateral relations2013-06-03 19:34
· Backgrounder: Major events in China-Costa Rica relations2013-06-03 14:50
· Backgrounder: Basic facts about Costa Rica2013-06-03 14:23
· Interview: Xi's visit to further promote China-Mexico relations: ambassador2013-06-03 12:54
· Chinese president arrives in Costa Rica for state visit2013-06-03 10:05
· Chinese president pledges closer cooperation with Suriname, Barbados2013-06-03 09:31
· Chinese president leaves for Costa Rica, continues Latin American trip2013-06-03 06:52
· China pledges more assistance to Caribbean countries2013-06-03 05:43
· Chinese president urges more vigor for ties with Caribbean nations2013-06-03 04:33
· Interview: China-Costa Rica cooperation benefits both peoples, says president2013-06-02 17:24
· Interview: China-Costa Rica ties bear rich fruit, says Chinese ambassador2013-06-02 15:42
· China, Trinidad and Tobago pledge to bolster ties2013-06-02 13:32
· Xi attends commencement ceremony for Couva Children's Hospital and Multi-Training Facility2013-06-02 12:43
· Chinese president meets his Trinidad and Tobago counterpart in Port of Spain2013-06-02 12:28
· Xi calls for higher level of cooperation between China, Antigua and Barbuda2013-06-02 11:53
· Xi calls for legislative exchanges between China, Trinidad and Tobago2013-06-02 10:18
· Wife of Chinese president visits association for children with intellectual disability in Trinidad and Tobago2013-06-02 09:33
· Wife of Chinese president plays steel drum after watching artistic show in Trinidad and Tobago2013-06-02 09:33
· Trinidad and Tobago PM hails Chinese dream2013-06-02 05:40
· Xi vows to advance ties with Trinidad and Tobago2013-06-02 05:16
· Xi stresses friendship, cooperation in meeting with Trinidad and Tobago president2013-06-01 21:57