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· Xi's Central Asia trip aimed at common development, all-win cooperation2013-09-15 01:35
· Tech innovation contributes to Silk Road economic belt: Chinese minister2013-09-14 05:41
· Xi's Central Asia tour strengthens regional cooperation, Chinese FM says2013-09-14 03:28
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· SCO summit issues declaration, clarifies stand on key issues2013-09-13 22:42
· Chinese president raises proposal on SCO cooperation2013-09-13 21:35
· Xi's trip promotes China-Central Asia friendship, cooperation: official2013-09-13 20:45
· SCO leaders vow to jointly tackle global threats2013-09-13 20:43
· Chinese president leaves for home after foreign trip2013-09-13 19:15
· Xi says China supports Russian proposal on Syrian chemical disarmament2013-09-13 18:31
· Xi says China supports Russian proposal on Syrian chemical disarmament2013-09-13 16:52
· SCO summit opens in Bishkek2013-09-13 13:23
· Backgrounder: Shanghai Cooperation Organization2013-09-13 12:18
· Focus on Xi's proposal to build a Silk Road economic belt2013-09-13 09:24
· Xi Jinping meets presidents of Iran, Mongolia, Tajikistan2013-09-13 09:24
· Chinese, Tajik presidents agree to accelerate gas pipeline construction2013-09-13 00:06
· Feature: Bishkek ready for SCO summit2013-09-12 23:24
· Chinese, Mongolian presidents meet on promoting cooperation2013-09-12 21:49
· China willing to make constructive effort on Iranian nuke talks: president2013-09-12 18:38
· Chinese, Iranian presidents meet on ties2013-09-12 17:21
· Chinese president meets Kyrgyz Parliament Speaker, PM2013-09-12 08:54
· Interview: SCO enjoys bright future in promoting regional cooperation2013-09-12 02:03
· Chinese president calls for more trade between China's Xinjiang, Kyrgyzstan2013-09-11 23:05
· Chinese president, Kyrgyz speaker agree to promote cooperation2013-09-11 22:46
· Chinese president meets Kyrgyz PM in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan2013-09-11 22:09
· China, Kyrgyzstan agree to boost cooperation on security2013-09-11 20:12
· Chinese, Kyrgyz presidents agree to lift ties2013-09-11 19:10
· China, Kyrgyzstan vow to boost economic cooperation2013-09-11 17:51
· China, Kyrgyzstan agree to lift ties, deepen political cooperation2013-09-11 16:59
· China, Kyrgyzstan lift ties to strategic partnership2013-09-11 15:03
· China, Kyrgyzstan lift ties to strategic partnership2013-09-11 14:40
· Chinese president meets with Kyrgyz counterpart on ties2013-09-11 12:12
· China, Uzbekistan vow to strengthen cultural exchanges2013-09-10 22:37
· President Xi visits ancient observatory in Samarkand, Uzbekistan2013-09-10 22:06
· Chinese president in Kyrgyzstan for state visit, SCO summit2013-09-10 20:55
· Chinese president in Kyrgyzstan for state visit, SCO summit2013-09-10 20:35
· Upcoming SCO summit to promote economic cooperation: ex-SCO official2013-09-10 15:02
· Interview: SCO economic cooperation enjoys bright future: Russian business leader2013-09-10 14:45
· Uzbekistan: Close neighbor and strategic partner of China2013-09-10 14:43
· Craze for Chinese language sweeping Uzbekistan2013-09-10 09:08
· Xi visits Senate accompanied by Uzbek counterpart2013-09-10 09:08
· Xi calls for closer China-Uzbekistan parliamentary exchanges2013-09-10 02:42
· President Xi visits Monument of Independence and Humanism in Uzbekistan2013-09-10 08:49
· China, Uzbekistan vow to deepen strategic partnership2013-09-10 00:01
· China, Uzbekistan agree to boost security, law enforcement cooperation2013-09-09 22:15
· Chinese president tables five-point proposal on cooperation with Uzbekistan2013-09-09 20:26
· Interview: Xi's visit to boost China-Kyrgyzstan ties: Chinese ambassador2013-09-09 16:21
· Interview: China tops Kyrgyzstan's foreign policy priorities: Kyrgyz FM2013-09-09 15:41
· Chinese, Uzbek presidents hold talks on boosting ties2013-09-09 14:05
· Kazakhstan hopes to ride on China's boom: president2013-09-09 03:44
· Chinese president arrives in Tashkent for Uzbekistan visit2013-09-08 21:05
· Chinese president arrives in Tashkent for Uzbekistan visit2013-09-08 20:55
· Chinese president leaves Kazakhstan to continue his Central Asia tour2013-09-08 19:32
· China, Uzbekistan to deepen all-around cooperation, advance ties2013-09-08 14:50
· Chinese president delivers speech at Nazarbayev University2013-09-08 09:55
· Chinese president meets Kazakh PM in Astana2013-09-08 09:05
· Chinese president meets Kazakh parliament speaker in Astana2013-09-08 08:53
· Chinese, Kazakh presidents sign joint declaration in Astana2013-09-08 08:49
· Chinese, Kazakh presidents hold talks in Astana2013-09-08 08:48
· Chinese, Kazakh presidents meet journalists in Astana2013-09-08 08:48
· Kazakh president holds welcoming ceremony for Chinese president in Astana2013-09-08 08:47
· Xi urges Chinese, Kazakh entrepreneurs to boost cooperation2013-09-08 07:31
· Xi's speech on China-Central Asia ties catches global attention2013-09-08 04:02
· Chinese president says cooperation with Kazakhstan enjoys broad prospect2013-09-08 00:53
· Chinese, Kazakh presidents agree to strengthen bilateral ties2013-09-07 22:24
· China, Kazakhstan agree to promote trade, energy cooperation2013-09-07 21:18
· China, Kazakhstan agree to boost security, law enforcement cooperation2013-09-07 21:00
· Interview: Xi's landmark visit to boost China-Kazakhstan relations2013-09-07 20:15
· Xi suggests China, C. Asia build Silk Road economic belt2013-09-07 17:43
· Xi promotes world economic growth, int'l cooperation at G20 summit2013-09-07 13:57
· Xi suggests China, C.Asia build Silk Road economic belt2013-09-07 13:15
· Xi conveys China's views and confidence at G20 summit: FM2013-09-07 10:31
· China is strategic partner to Russia: Putin2013-09-07 02:03
· Chinese president arrives in Astana for Kazakhstan visit2013-09-07 00:22
· Chinese president urges G20 members to fight against protectionism2013-09-07 00:16
· Chinese, U.S. presidents discuss cooperation in Asia-Pacific2013-09-06 21:52
· Putin, Obama talk over Syria on sidelines of G20 summit2013-09-06 21:36
· Chinese president leaves St. Petersburg for Kazakhstan visit2013-09-06 20:45
· China's sustained growth to bring more positive spillover for world economy2013-09-06 19:33
· BRICS currency reserves pool "a milestone": Chinese central banker2013-09-06 19:14
· Chinese president urges political solution to Syrian crisis2013-09-06 19:01
· Chinese president uses Newton's laws of motion to depict ties with Germany2013-09-06 18:41
· Interview: Kazakhstan, China to deepen strategic partnership: expert2013-09-06 16:52
· Chinese, U.S. presidents hold second meeting in three months2013-09-06 15:15
· Chinese, U.S. presidents discuss issues of common concern2013-09-06 14:09
· China expects further cooperation, opening-up, reform, development at G20 summit2013-09-06 13:12
· Chinese president expounds China's stance on Japan ties to Abe2013-09-06 05:29
· Chinese president urges BRICS to boost coordination2013-09-06 02:59
· Chinese president calls for closer G20 partnership to boost world economy2013-09-06 01:35
· China: G20 focus should be economy, not Syria2013-09-05 22:07
· Chinese president attends G20 summit in St. Petersburg2013-09-05 21:40
· Chinese president discusses ties, global issues with Russian counterpart2013-09-05 19:56
· Interview: Xi's visit significant: Kazakh president2013-09-05 18:51
· Chinese president urges bigger role of WTO2013-09-05 18:20
· China, Brazil vow to boost BRICS cooperation2013-09-05 17:40
· Chinese president discusses ties, global issues with Russian counterpart2013-09-05 16:19
· Chinese, Argentine presidents vow to tap cooperation potential2013-09-05 16:06