Special report: Qinghai earthquake "There will be new schools! There will be new homes!" President Hu wrote in chalk on a blackboard in a makeshift classroom in a tent of orphaned students.
Low-carbon scenic zones in Tibetan areas The two destinations allow travelers to keep their carbon footprint small. Let's go and check them out!
Tibetan Buddhist monks chant prayers for quake victims More than 100 Tibetan Buddhist monks on Saturday prayed at Lhasa's ancient Jokhang Temple for blessings for quake-affected people of Qinghai Province.
Tibet to participate in 9th Chinese Art Festival With the drama titled "Tashigang", Tibet will take part in the 9th Chinese Art Festival, which is set to open in Guangzhou in May.
Qinghai quake victims to receive 200,000 bilingual pamphlets These pamphlets concerning earthquake precautions and relief work in the Han and Tibetan languages will be transported to Qinghai's quake-affected areas Saturday.
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