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Flash >> Chinese vice premier urges further state-owned enterprise reforms        China's human rights to be better protected: experts         Leaders of DPRK, Vietnam, Cuba, Laos congratulate China's Hu         
:: Photos ::

Picture show of Party Congress

Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao meet delegates to 16th CPC National Congress

16th CPC Central Committee holds first plenum

CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection holds first plenum

CPC Congress closes with new central committee elected

CPC General Secretary on Party Building
New president of CPC party school appointed
New CPC United Front Work Department head appointed
CPC thanks greetings for National Congress, Jiang, Hu
More leaders hail Jiang's re-election as military commission chief
Party members urged to study spirit of Party congress
Wen Jiabao stresses economic growth, people's interests
Non-Communist parties study guidelines from CPC congress
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Jiang Zemin calls for making new breakthroughs in reforms
Jiang Zemin on strengthening, improving Party building
Jiang: CPC to standardize relations with legislature, government
CPC to push forward political development, restructuring: Jiang
Jiang calls on CPC to implement "Three Represents" in all-round way
China's development contributes to world economy, president says

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Grassroots CPC members pin high hopes on National Congress
Senior banker expelled from Communist Party
Democratic supervision mechanism set up at grassroots level in China
Grassroots democracy flourishing in China
CPC intensifies supervision of officials
Senior official stresses administering according to law
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Damming of Yangtze River's tributary successful
90,000 Beijing college students join CPC in 13 years
Chinese diplomacy aims to maintain world peace and promote common development
Beijing reports two-digit economic growth rate
Hong Kong named world's freest economy for 9th year
Opening up brings about prosperity in China
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MOFTEC minister calls for "action" in three direct links
China sets foreign trade target at 2,000 billion US dollars by 2020
U.S. not to form free trade zone with Taiwan: China says
Five positive changes for China's opening to outside world: minister
Chinese investment overseas on the rise: minister
Foreign trade plays important role in Chinese economy: minister
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Explanations on amendment to CPC Constitution
Full text of Constitution of Communist Party of China
Full text of Jiang Zemin's report at 16th Party Congress
Who's Who of CPC Leadership
Full Text of resolution on CCDI work report
Foreign leaders, party chiefs hail China's Hu on election as CPC leader
More foreign leaders, parties congratulate CPC on National Congress
More foreign parties congratulate CPC on National Congress
Roundup: World media highly praise CPC's 16th National Congress
Revolutionary bases draw holidaymakers
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 ,Profile of Party Members
Changed Makeup of Delegates to Party Congress
CPC members play important roles in social life
A Village Party Secretary's Dream
A Party Member in Motorola
Zhang Yunbo: People's loyal guard
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 , Local Elections
New chief for Sichuan CPC Committee appointed
New CPC chiefs for Zhejiang, Hainan & Hebei appointed
New provincial CPC chiefs appointed in Shandong & Guangdong
CPC Central Committee decides on Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing CPC leaders
Feature: a democratic election in desert
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 , Backgrounder
Who's Who of CPC Leadership
Jiang Zemin -- Chairman of CPC Central Military Commission
Hu Jintao -- general secretary of 16th CPC Central Committee
Wu Bangguo -- Politburo Standing Committee member of CPC Central Committee
Wen Jiabao -- Politburo Standing Committee member of CPC Central Committee
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