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Amnesty combines mercy and law
China's prisoner amnesty is a sound combination of humanitarian practice and implementation of the rule of law.
China adopts amendments to Criminal Law
China passes law to control air pollution
China's important contribution to WWII victory little known to Europeans
China made a very important contribution to the victory in the WWII, which was little known to Europeans, former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has said.
UN chief, experts laud China's role in WWII
Ukrainian historian hails China's role in WWII
25,000 people rally against security bills in Japan's Osaka
About 25,000 people rallied in Japan's Osaka Sunday, demanding Prime Minister Shinzo Abe rescind the controversial security bills.
197 punished for spreading rumors about stock market, Tianjin blast
A total of 197 people have been punished in a special campaign by Chinese police targeting online rumors about China's stock market, the recent fatal explosions in Tianjin or other key events.
IS partially destroys ancient Roman temple in Syria's Palmyra
The Islamic State (IS) militants destroyed parts of a famous ancient Roman temple in the historic city of Palmyra in central Syria.
British neurologist, writer Oliver Sacks dies aged 82 2015-08-31 03:49:05
Another shipwreck claims 7 lives off Libyan coast 2015-08-31 03:39:58
Egypt's parliamentary polls to kick off on Oct. 18 2015-08-31 01:53:05
Saudi-led airstrikes kill 17 Houthi rebels, 19 civilians north of Yemen 2015-08-30 23:44:17
Largest gas field in Mediterranean found in Egypt's offshore 2015-08-30 23:40:16
Rap music film "Straight Outta Compton" continues to lead North American box office 2015-08-31 05:26:54
EU to hold urgent ministerial meeting on migrant crisis 2015-08-30 18:14:31
Beijing athletics worlds wins wide praise 2015-08-30 21:14:04
Tianjin blasts death toll rises to 150 2015-08-30 18:02:24
Japanese soldiers burned Chinese civilians to death: confession 2015-08-30 16:34:44
Japanese protest against security bills 2015-08-30 18:22:53
Susan Rice lauds Pakistan's anti-terror sacrifices 2015-08-30 19:14:05
Neymar not tempted by big money Man Utd offer 2015-08-30 19:34:32
Jamaica upsets U.S. in women's 4x400m 2015-08-30 20:50:57
Senior security official killed in Yemen 2015-08-30 18:05:50
China prevails 3-0 against Cuba 2015-08-30 21:36:32
2-day demonstration in Malaysian capital ends 2015-08-31 01:21:58
Iran sees China major partner in post-nuclear-deal era: Rouhani 2015-08-30 03:51:41
China's economy operating within appropriate range: Li 2015-08-30 03:50:35
China confirms prisoner amnesty for WWII anniversary 2015-08-29 15:54:00
China's economy operating within appropriate range: Premier 2015-08-30 07:56:49
Thai police nab foreigner in connection with Bangkok bombing 2015-08-30 03:52:58
Thai police nab foreigner in connection with Bangkok bombing 2015-08-29 23:50:42
Russia's Maria Kuchina wins women's high jump at Beijing Worlds 2015-08-29 21:01:46
China, U.S. should overcome headwinds, manage differences 2015-08-29 15:30:23
Chinese men set Asian record on way to worlds final 2015-08-29 15:36:38
Chinese boys set new Asian record at heats of men's 4x100m relay 2015-08-29 13:38:46
Xi meets U.S. national security advisor ahead of Sept. visit 2015-08-28 23:20:51
Interview: Kazakh president praises China's role in defeating Fascism 2015-08-29 00:10:09
President Xi meets U.S. National Security Advisor Susan Rice 2015-08-28 20:25:51
Chinese navy conducts live fire drill in East China Sea 2015-08-28 09:06:48
China, U.S. officials discuss Xi's U.S. visit 2015-08-28 19:39:17
World War II started from China, in 1937: historians 2015-08-28 00:05:09
China's industrial profits fell faster in July 2015-08-28 10:04:51
Germany, Austria call for common EU approach to refugee crisis 2015-08-28 11:40:45
Hundreds of illegal migrants feared drowned off Libyan coast 2015-08-28 16:35:26
China's economy shows no much sign yet of slowing down 2015-08-28 07:21:26
European solidarity needed in light of "horrible" Austrian tragedy: Merkel 2015-08-28 07:23:44
Tianjin blasts death toll rises to 145 2015-08-28 09:08:19
Police find dozens dead in Hungarian truck in E. Austria 2015-08-28 06:02:13
China Voice: China not source of global financial volatility 2015-08-27 21:02:21
China opens media center for V-Day parade 2015-08-27 20:32:44
Greek Supreme Court chief named transitional PM ahead of snap polls 2015-08-27 23:43:51
Greek Supreme Court chief to be sworn in as caretaker PM 2015-08-27 23:13:04
Interview: Volatilities are "natural consequence" of China's economic transition 2015-08-27 11:31:21
China probes 11, detains 12 for Tianjin blasts 2015-08-27 13:37:36
China's new bomber to debut in V-Day parade 2015-08-27 19:48:43
Greek PM requests fresh mandate to move forward, no Grexit option 2015-08-27 06:16:40
China to step up financial leasing to bolster economy 2015-08-26 22:25:46
Prosecutors name 11 officials in probe of Tianjin blasts 2015-08-27 10:24:59
Merkel vows "no tolerance" of anti-refugee violence 2015-08-27 07:23:04
Xi Jinping bestows military honors 2015-08-26 20:09:12
Refugees from Syria and Afghanistan arrive at Athens 2015-08-27 08:25:47
12 suspects arrested for Tianjin blasts 2015-08-27 09:00:55
Xi urges promoting economic, social development in Tibet 2015-08-25 23:14:37