Xi urges sound economic development, noting downward pressure
President Xi Jinping said Friday that China should ensure sound economic development by sticking to the policies of the Communist Party of China (CPC) amid economic headwinds.
China business sentiment improves: indicator
China expects Japan to send positive signals on bilateral ties
Senior Communist Party of China (CPC) official Liu Yunshan on Friday hoped that Japan could have a correct view of China's development and send out positive signals on bilateral ties.
Chinese, Japanese FMs hold talks on ties
China dismisses Japan's reports on sea disputes
Experts warn U.S. political violence could rise to 1960s levels amid presidential race
U.S. voters' anger over the weak economy and corrupt politics boils over and likely Trump continues to elicit outrage from opponents, experts said.
Half of Americans believe the U.S. presidential election is "rigged"
Spotlight: 27 arrested after clashes at Paris "Up All Night" protest
"Up All Night" inspired similar protests across France and has been likened to the 2011 Occupy Wall Street movement and Spain's anti-austerity Indignados street sit-ins.
Settlement of social dilemma in France requires systemic change
Run-off parliamentary elections conclude in Iran
The second round of the 10th Majlis (parliament) elections in Iran concluded on Friday after three hours of extended voting time to 21:00 local time (1630 GMT).
113 people rescued alive after Ecuador's quake 2016-04-30 10:50:49
UNSC preparing response to DPRK mission launch 2016-04-30 07:44:52
First U.S. Zika death reported in Puerto Rico 2016-04-30 03:34:34
13 feared dead as helicopter crashes in Norway 2016-04-29 23:13:20
Security forces free 2 villages in Iraq's Anbar 2016-04-30 04:18:54
Facilitator postpones Burundi talks 2016-04-30 07:47:33
Fresh U.S.-led airstrikes kill 24 IS militants in Afghanistan 2016-04-29 23:37:50
Russian FM says external forces should not interfere in South China Sea issue 2016-04-29 20:12:09
China opposes Japan's illegal "island" claims 2016-04-29 21:28:07
Iran urges UN to push U.S. on assets release 2016-04-29 22:00:27
Syrian army announces "regime of silence" 2016-04-29 19:53:37
13 feared dead as helicopter crashes in W. Norway 2016-04-29 20:34:57
DPRK sentences S.Korea-born American to hard labor 2016-04-29 18:11:16
Iran starts parliamentary run-off elections 2016-04-29 14:36:11
South Sudan forms transitional unity government 2016-04-29 14:53:25
U.S. forces fail to follow basic laws of war in bombing Afghan hospital: medical charity 2016-04-30 05:08:40
Xi urges sound economic development, noting downward pressure 2016-04-29 22:31:28
Xi urges intellectuals, workers and youth for national revival 2016-04-29 22:35:11
Xi hails honest work ahead of International Workers' Day 2016-04-29 20:07:34
Xi proposes to build security governance model with Asian features 2016-04-29 07:51:26
True sincerity needed from Japan to improve ties during FM's trip to China 2016-04-29 19:47:07
Rebels fire kills 9 in Syria's Aleppo 2016-04-29 21:28:27
Xi urges youth to work toward well-being of nation, people 2016-04-29 19:06:55
Xi asks officials to respect intellectuals' creativity, criticism 2016-04-29 20:22:37
Ice floes seen on Heihe river in NE China 2016-04-29 20:52:04
Porcelain peony handicrafts showcased at Luoyang's museum 2016-04-29 16:35:26
2016 National Chinese Language Conference opens in Chicago 2016-04-29 19:44:40
1,300 troops take part in military drill in Latvia 2016-04-29 07:24:07
Residents enjoy cherry blossoms in Vilnius, Lithuania 2016-04-29 07:55:41
Highlights of Sao Paulo Fashion Week 2016-04-29 08:18:03
Chinese president meets Russian foreign minister 2016-04-28 21:12:27
Xi urges intensified efforts to advance rural reform 2016-04-28 23:48:11
Commentary: China-Japan rapprochement should mean less empty talk from Tokyo 2016-04-29 13:45:08
DPRK's repeated missile launches add to uncertainty of situation on Korean Peninsula 2016-04-29 13:25:10
Backgrounder: China has indisputable sovereignty over South China Sea islands 2016-04-29 13:48:06
Top Chinese securities brokers arrested 2016-04-29 18:34:17
Rails ready for May Day travel rush 2016-04-29 16:40:08
Chinese economy mixed by encouraging signs, lingering concerns 2016-04-29 07:58:41
Major anti-Trump forces go all in on crucial primary in U.S. state of Indiana 2016-04-29 01:32:40
China adopts law regulating overseas NGOs 2016-04-28 20:17:53
Xi addresses CICA foreign ministers' meeting 2016-04-28 14:51:59
French protests against proposed labor reforms turn violent 2016-04-29 02:37:42
Xi urges intensified efforts to advance rural reform 2016-04-28 20:12:42
Data good enough to dispel doubt over China's economy 2016-04-28 13:22:03
Xi calls for people-centric reform measures, stresses employment 2016-04-27 23:14:53
DPRK's Musudan missile launch appears to have failed 2016-04-28 15:30:24
Xi addresses CICA foreign ministers' meeting 2016-04-28 11:26:15
U.S. should reflect upon its role as meddler in Middle East 2016-04-28 13:33:58
China adopts law regulating overseas NGOs 2016-04-28 15:53:14
President Xi makes inspection tour in Anhui 2016-04-27 20:15:48
China-funded power transmission system inaugurated in Cambodia 2016-04-28 16:31:39
Photo exhibition "Silk Road - A New Look" kicks off in San Francisco 2016-04-28 15:23:11
Xi addresses CICA foreign ministers' meeting 2016-04-28 13:17:44
President Xi addresses CICA foreign ministers' meeting 2016-04-28 09:42:56
Chinese premier vows further security cooperation with Indonesia 2016-04-27 23:30:03