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Xiaonian Festival celebrated on train from Chongqing in SW China
Hainan Int'l Tourism Island Bougainvillea Spectabilis Exhibition kicks off
View of Nianhu Lake Wetland in SW China's Yunnan
In pics: amazing landscape of Xuexiang scenic spot in NE China
Icefall scenery at Guanmen mountain scenic spot in NE China
N China's Taiyuan Zoo opens dinosaur-themed carnival
Black-necked cranes seen in Nianhu Lake wetland in SW China
Aerial view of Zhangsuo Village in SW China's Yunnan
Scenery of wintersweets in full blossom in E China
Well-preserved ancient Xigubao Village located in N China's Hebei
In pics: Snow-covered Longcanggou National Forest Park
Winter fishing tourism festival celebrated in N China's Inner Mongolia
Bullet train passes through rape flowers fields in Guizhou
Migratory swans from Siberia spend winter in China's Henan
Full moon rises above cherry blossoms tree
22nd Harbin Int'l Snow Sculpture Competition concludes
New gibbon species discovered in SW China's Yunnan
Photographer captures amazing nature moments in China
In pics: cherry blossoms under moonlight in SW China's Kunming
Tourists enjoy hot spring in NE China's Changbai Mountain
Winter cherry bloom in China's Kunming
Cartoon characters wear Chinese traditional dress in Shanghai Disney
People enjoy meal in ice restaurant in NE China
People enjoy rainbow along national highway in China's Inner Mongolia
Decorations appear across Beijing as lunar New Year is coming
Golden monkeys play in woods in C China's Hubei
22nd Harbin Int'l Snow Sculpture Competition kicks off
In pics: dreamy scene of dawn spreading above Beijing
Rape flowers bloom in SW China's Yunnan
Scenery of canal wetland park in E China's city
Winter scenery of the Summer Palace in Beijing
Scenery of winter cherry blossoms in China's Kunming
People go to Dianchi Lake to view black-headed gulls
Water birds seen at Lalu wetland in Lhasa, China's Tibet
People attracted by black-headed gulls at Dianchi Lake in China's Kunming
300 bus lines to be replaced with 58 new ones in Yangon, Myanmar
Morning scenery of Sun Moon Lake in SE China's Taiwan
Night view of cherry blossoms after rain in SW China's Kunming
Harbin Ice and Snow World attracts tourists in China's Heilongjiang