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Spring flowers in full blossom across China
Peach blossoms pictured in front of snow mountain in Tibet
In pics: winding mountain road looks like jade belt in central China
In pics: Ancient city of Graz in Austria
Aerial photos show Anhui segment of Huizhou-Hangzhou Highway in east China
Spring scenery of wetland park of Fenghuang Lake in SW China's Chengdu
Tourists view tulip flowers in full blossom in east China's city
In pics: Scenery of plum flowers around China
Colored lights illuminate downtown Taipei
In pics: Sunset scenery of Dead Sea
Tulip, cherry flowers in full blossom in China's West Lake scenic area
In pics: aerial view of tea garden in China's Fenghuanggou scenic spot
People enjoy cherry blossoms in Nanchang, China's Jiangxi
Spring scenery of peach flowers near Juyongguan Pass of Great Wall
Aerial view of cole flowers in terraced fields in east China's Zhejiang
Tourists view cherry blossoms at Yuyuantan Park in Beijing
People enjoy cherry blossoms in Washington D.C.
In pics: Roman historical site of Sebastia village in Nablus city
Purple leaf plum trees in full blossom in E China's Jinan
Cherry trees in full blossom attract numerous tourists in SW China city
Ancient Jingyin Temple built on cliff in SW China's Chongqing
New decoration of light belt mounted in transfer metro station of Shanghai
Aerial photos of colorful salt lake in N China's Shanxi
In pics: aerial photos of cole flowers in SW China's Guizhou
In pics: Farmland of cole flowers in NW China's Shaanxi
In pics: spring scenery of Fengshan Town, China's Hubei
Flowers bloom in Summer Palace in Beijing
Morning view of Kenting park in SE China's Taiwan
Aerial view of Shimen Village, southwest China
Scenery of ancient village in E China
Aerial view of farmlands across China
Scenery of Huashan Mountain after snow
Scenery of Ali Mountains in SE China's Taiwan
Snow scenery at Pingliang City in NW China's Gansu
Snow scenery at Kongtong Mountain in NW China's Gansu
Migratory birds fly over wetland in suburban Beijing
Plum blossoms on river bank in E China's Hefei
Magnolia flowers blossom along Changan Avenue in Beijing
In pics: Ice hotel in Romania