Travel - Photos
In pics: beautiful scenery of Lugu lake in SW China's Yunnan
Snow scenery of Shuangfeng Forest Farm at Mudanjiang City in NE China
In pics: snow-covered tea garden in C China's Hubei
In pics: scenery of Niubeiliang Nature Reserve in China's Shaanxi
Tourists enjoy snow scenery of Shenyang Imperial Palace
Scenery of snow-covered terrace fields in N China
Rime scenery and icicles formed in central China's Zhangjiajie
Tourists walk against snow at Changbai Mountain
People enjoy snow scenery of ancient city Xi'an in NW China
Cold front brings snowfall to many parts of north China
Beijing embraces snowfall
Bee-keepers harvest swarm of bees in blooming rapeseed flowers in E China
Snow scenery attracts tourists to enjoy outdoor pleasure in China's Harbin
Take closer look at Dongdahe wetland park, SW China
Scenery of wetland park at Dianchi Lake scenic area in China's Kunming
Early-spring scenery of Yangtze River
Scenery of red earth terraces in SW China's Kunming
Spring scenery of Sanyuan National Forest Park in SE China
Cherry blossoms attract visitors as temperature rises in China's Guangxi
In pics: Stone Village in central China's Henan
New houses in E China's village become popular on internet
Egrets' paradise in Fujian, southeast China
Pretty in pink: Plum blossoms seen in east China
Aerial photos of fields covered by plastic films in Guangxi
Amazing ice floe in northeast China
Spring scenery at Shuangfu Village, south China's Guangxi
In pics: snow scenery of Gulha Kangri mountain in China's Tibet
In pics: Sea of clouds over Lake Geneva
Tourists watch seagulls in north China's Hebei
Citizens enjoy cherry blossoms in S China's Nanning
Cherry blossoms scenery seen in SE China
Aerial photos of cole flower fields in NW China
In pics: view of Chengkan Village in E China's Anhui
Tourists visit tea plantation in SE China's Fujian
Plum blossoms seen in central China's Hunan
In pics: Salt evaporation ponds in north China
Seagulls seen at river estuary in Qinhuangdao City, N China
Tourists visit Russian culture theme park in Harbin
Migratory swans from Siberia seen in Henan