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Chinese infant recovers from bird flu
Shandong bird flu victim has no contact with live poultry
No bird flu epidemics detected in China provinces after girl infected
Joint bird flu prevention drill in Jakarta

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- Eating smartly reduces risk of contracting bird flu
- Basic facts about bird flu
- What is avian influenza (bird flu)?
- Is there evidence of human-to-human transmission now?
- Does human infection with H5N1 happen often?
- What are the control measures in birds?
- What are the consequences of outbreaks in poultry?
- How do outbreaks of avian influenza spread within a country?

Egypt reports 25th death of bird flu
A 25 year-old Egyptian woman has died of the H5N1 bird flu virus Wednesday, bringing the number of such deaths to 25 in Egypt. >>

Scientists modifies smallpox vaccine to fight H5N1 bird flu
A team of scientists from the University of Hong Kong and the United States on Sunday said they have developed a new vaccine strategy against the H5N1 bird flu virus by genetically modifying a smallpox vaccine. >>

Chicken carcass confirmed positive for H5N1 virus in Hong Kong
Region in Focus
   Asia-Pacific >>    Americas >>
- H7 bird flu case detected in Japan's Aichi Prefecture
- Poultry sector plunges into crisis in Nepal
- Singapore increases inspections to keep out bird flu
- Bird flu confirmed in W Canada
- U.S. bird-flu expert calls for changes in early-warning system
- UN chief praises Brazil for environmental protection
   Africa >>    Europe >>
- Egypt reports 25th death of bird flu
- Egyptian toddler hit by bird flu
- Egypt confirms 54th human case of bird flu
- France raises bird flu alert
- New H5N1 bird flu outbreak found in Poland
- EU imposes control measures for bird flu in Poland, Romania
China in Focus >>
- Northwest China province on avian flu alarm
- Feral pigeon confirmed positive for H5N1 virus in HK
- China confirms bird flu outbreak in Lhasa
- Crested Myna confirmed positive for H5N1 virus in HK
- Drug regulator:China stockpiles bird flu vaccine for possible outbreak
- Dead fowl found in NW China's Xinjiang test positive for H5N1 virus
- China: No mutation for human-human bird-flu infection
- No bird flu outbreak among poultry reported, customers still cautious
- MOA: No outbreak of bird flu among poultry reported
- Scientists develop ways producing anti-bird flu drug Zanamivir
International Cooperation >>
- Egypt reports 2 more human cases of bird flu
- U.S. delegation urged to join world ministers to fight global warming
- Indonesian president, UN chief call for setting Bali roadmap
- UN top climate official: Bali climate talks may collapse
- UN bodies take lead in carbon neural by offsetting emissions
- WWF calls for breaking deadlock at Bali climate meeting
Medical R & D >>
- Scientists modifies smallpox vaccine to fight H5N1 bird flu
- Egypt says it develops new anti-bird flu vaccine
- Scientits: Flu virus must pick lock before entering human
- Study: flu shots may protect against bird flu
- Indonesia wants to use its bird flu vaccine directly
- FAO warns against bird flu situation in Bangladesh
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