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Wen attends signing ceremony of Kuala Lumpur Declaration
Premier Wen at welcoming gala dinner for ASEAN Summit
Premier Wen meets Cambodian PM
Wen meets Arroyo in Malaysia

Premier Wen visits 5 nations
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Profile: Wen Jiabao

Premier Wen returns home after visits to Europe, Asia
   Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao returned to Beijing Thursday night after his official visits to France, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Portugal and Malaysia.
Premier Wen calls for meeting challenges in E. Asia
   Premier Wen Jiabao outlined his proposals to overcome difficulties and challenges in the region while addressing the first East Asia Summit on Wednesday. He said the region also faces problems such as unbalanced development and widening gap in wealth, sharp increase in energy and resource consumption and deterioration of the ecological environment, he added.
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