UN commission on HIV/AIDS in Africa launched in Ethiopia
  The UN Commission on HIV/AIDSand Governance in Africa (CHGA) was officially launched here Wednesday with the presence of first president of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda.
Over 6,000 children freed from rebels in northern Uganda: president
  Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has said that there are over 6,000 children now freed from captivity in northern Uganda in the last one year alone, reported a press release issued on Wednesday.
News Analysis: Concessions needed to bring final peace to Burundi
  It is the third time that regional leaders from South Africa, Uganda and Tanzania participated in the peace talks of the tiny central African country Burundi, but like the previous ones, the just ended talks plunged in impasse.
Toppled Guinea-Bissau president resigns
  Kumba Yala, deposed president of Guinea-Bissau, renounced his post on Wednesday in the capital Bissau, media reports said.
Guinea-Bissau resigned president calls for national unity ( 09/18-05:27)
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UN commission on HIV/AIDS in Africa launched in Ethiopia ( 09/18-03:49)
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Uganda urges IGAD members to end conflicts ( 09/18-02:00)
Over 6,000 children freed from rebels in northern Uganda: president ( 09/18-01:59)
News Analysis: Concessions needed to bring final peace to Burundi ( 09/17-23:09)
Toppled Guinea-Bissau president resigns ( 09/17-21:32)
Annan recommends extension of UN mission in Sierra Leone ( 09/17-08:31)
UN extends mandate of mission in Central African Republic ( 09/17-08:30)
Nigeria, Brazil to jointly produce generic HIV/AIDS drugs ( 09/17-04:25)
Tanzanian FM urges new concept on solving continent conflict ( 09/17-04:23)
S.African FM to attend memorial service of Swedish FM ( 09/17-03:49)
Burundi peace talks adjourned fruitless ( 09/17-02:05)
Inflation shoots up to 426.6 percent in Zimbabwe ( 09/17-01:48)
AU chairman assures priority for peace in Africa ( 09/17-01:48)
China donates fertilizer, maize to Zambia ( 09/17-00:46)
PNG sticks to One-China policy: PM ( 09/16-23:30)
Southern African journalists decry harsh working conditions ( 09/16-22:58)
Guinea-Bissau military, political leaders meet on transitional government ( 09/16-14:13)
Breakthrough on Sudan peace talks expected soon: rebel leader ( 09/16-04:07)
Lesotho university still closed for violence protest ( 09/16-04:06)
S.African president calls on labor union for help in election ( 09/16-04:05)
Guinea-Bissau calm after military coup ( 09/16-02:59)
Ugandan and Tanzanian presidents hold talks on Burundi ( 09/16-01:56)
S.Africa disappointed at collapse of WTO talks ( 09/16-01:55)
Guinea-Bissau coup draws international condemnations ( 09/16-01:54)
Zimbabwe appeals for irrigation assistance from India ( 09/15-23:28)
African foreign ministers to meet Guinea-Bissau coup leader ( 09/15-20:30)
China Jiangsu commodities exhibition held in Dar es Salaam ( 09/15-19:40)
S.African health minister sworn in as acting president ( 09/15-19:16)
Iraq plan can boost South African firms: report ( 09/15-16:45)
Uganda, UN sign deal to allow UN troops to use Ugandan bases ( 09/15-15:14)
Tanzania reopens embassy in Burundi ( 09/15-14:39)
Guinea-Bissau general assumes presidency despite world condemnation ( 09/15-12:20)
ECOWAS condemns coup in Guinea-Bissau ( 09/15-05:25)
Rescued Ugandan children from rebels to be handed to parents ( 09/15-02:08)
AU chairperson condemns coup in Guinea-Bissau ( 09/15-01:54)
Guinea-Bissau chief of staff assumes presidency ( 09/15-01:54)
Angola deplores military coup in Guinea-Bissau ( 09/15-01:54)
Guinea-Bissau crisis in the making ( 09/14-22:43)
Guinea-Bissau coup leader to assume interim presidency ( 09/14-21:35)
Situation in Guinea-Bissau remains calm after coup ( 09/14-21:22)
Guinea-Bissau military seizes power, holding president ( 09/14-17:24)
China Lagos Industrial, Commercial Federation established in Nigeria ( 09/14-05:40)
Roundup: Uganda intensifies efforts to fight malaria ( 09/14-05:36)
Zimbabwean police seal off ANZ premises ( 09/14-05:31)
S.Africa condemns attacks on civilians in Burundi ( 09/14-00:19)
China Lagos Industrial, Commercial Federation established in Nigeria ( 09/14-00:18)
Nigeria committed to professionalizing armed forces: official ( 09/13-04:32)
Landmine kills 10 displaced in Angola ( 09/13-04:12)
Venezuela's electoral body rejects petition for revocation referendum ( 09/13-04:12)
Guinea-Bissau electoral commission says October ballot to be delayed ( 09/13-04:09)
Greece says Arafat expulsion a "mistake" ( 09/12-23:50)
Malawi police arrest son of president ( 09/12-22:43)
Rwanda's Kagame sworn in as president ( 09/12-18:18)
S.Africa pays tribute to slain Sweden minister ( 09/12-06:22)
Ugandan army rescues over 100 people abducted by rebels ( 09/12-01:14)
More than 700 threatened species remain completely unprotected ( 09/12-00:49)
China donates raincoats and computers to Zambia police ( 09/11-21:35)
8 killed, thousands affected by flood in northern Nigeria ( 09/10-05:49)
Biosafety protocol enters into force across word ( 09/10-03:40)
African NGOs to review human security on Africa ( 09/10-03:37)
Presidents of Uganda and Burundi discuss Burundi peace process ( 09/09-23:24)
Climate change: new, big threat to protected areas ( 09/09-21:35)
Tanzanian capital eradicates cholera ( 09/09-14:46)
US envoy holds talks with leaders of Sudan, rebels in Kenya ( 09/09-06:17)
Zambian civil servants call off week-long national strike ( 09/09-06:16)
Regional workshop on blood safety opens in Kenya ( 09/09-06:09)
Child Friendly National Budget Initiative launched in Zimbabwe ( 09/09-05:56)
World Banks finances Nigeria to boost basic education ( 09/09-05:41)
Lecturers' strike delays start of new semester in Zimbabwe ( 09/09-05:40)
Sao Tome president calls for restructuring of armed forces ( 09/09-05:39)
Six Afghan soldiers killed in Taliban Ambush ( 09/09-01:46)
China establishes over 1,700 protected areas: official ( 09/09-01:45)
Vaccine Fund promises to continue providing support to Mozambique ( 09/09-01:41)
ECOWAS calls for better customs services between western, central Africa ( 09/09-01:39)
Rwandan women hailed for active role in presidential election ( 09/09-01:39)
France donates military equipment to Ugandan army ( 09/09-01:37)
Therapeutic HIV/AIDS prevention of MTCT program launched in Ethiopia ( 09/08-23:54)
World Parks Congress opens in South Africa ( 09/08-23:38)
Kenyan first lady to join international women's AIDS run in Nairobi ( 09/08-23:32)
Kenya-Uganda oil pipeline project gets NEPAD status ( 09/08-14:40)
World Parks Congress to be held in S.Africa ( 09/08-02:07)
Six people killed in road accident in Zimbabwe ( 09/08-02:05)
Ugandan president assures eastern people of peace ( 09/07-19:55)
World Bank donates huge funds to help former Angolan soldiers ( 09/07-05:03)
WWF supports Mozambique to protect environment ( 09/07-04:50)
Peace in Angola irreversible: MPLA ( 09/07-02:18)
Zimbabwe pays more attention to women empowerment ( 09/07-02:18)
IFAD offers 2.8-million-dollar loan to northwestern Nigeria ( 09/07-03:10)
Nigeria's national trade union threatens solidarity protest ( 09/07-02:40)
Uganda imports 15 million doses of measles vaccine ( 09/07-02:03)
Malawi officially closes al-Qaeda controversy ( 09/07-01:25)
About 20 heads of state to attend Kagame's swearing-in ceremony ( 09/07-01:24)
Kenya mourns late vice president ( 09/06-21:29)