Middle East
Iraqi governing council adopts new laws
  The Iraqi Governing Council (IGC) has adopted a new set of laws, including one concerning nationality, IGC President Ahamd Chalabi announced Wednesday.
"Saddam" asks US troops to withdraw from Iraq
  A voice purportedly of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein asked the US forces to withdraw from Iraq unconditionally, in a tape aired by Dubai-based al-Arabiya TV channel on Wednesday. It also called on the Iraqis to continue resistance against the coalition forces in "every possible way."
Arafat says does not care about the US Veto
  Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat announced on Wednesday that he doesn't care about the US veto against the United Nations Security Council resolution demanding Israel to cancel its decision to expel Arafat.
PNA condemns US veto on UN resolution demanding Israel halt to expel Arafat
  The Palestinian National Authority(PNA) on Wednesday condemned a US veto against a UN Security Council resolution demanding Israel to cancel its decision to expel Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.
Israeli forces kill Hamas activist in Gaza raid ( 09/18-12:57)
Iraqi governing council adopts new laws ( 09/18-00:57)
"Saddam" asks US troops to withdraw from Iraq ( 09/17-20:46)
Arafat says does not care about the US Veto ( 09/17-20:10)
PNA condemns US veto on UN resolution demanding Israel halt to expel Arafat ( 09/17-19:27)
Hans Blix: Iraq destroyed weapons of massive destruction 10 years ago ( 09/17-16:51)
10,000 prisoners in custody in Iraq: US military ( 09/16-00:40)
World top CEOs to speak at Bali summit in October ( 09/16-12:16)
Israeli decision to expel Arafat draws criticism at UN debate ( 09/16-07:24)
Khatami stresses Iran's stance on nuclear technology ( 09/16-05:46)
UN offers Palestinian refugees shelters in Gaza ( 09/16-05:34)
Police chief of Iraqi town shot dead ( 09/16-00:40)
Saudi Arabian prison fire kills 70 ( 09/15-23:32)
Police chief of Iraqi town shot dead ( 09/15-23:32)
Turkish, Syrian, Iraqi railway officials meet on cooperation ( 09/15-23:21)
Iran pledges commitment to cooperate with IAEA: official ( 09/15-23:07)
Killing Arafat not Israeli gov't policy: Shalom ( 09/15-23:04)
Afghanistan minister criticizes security situation ( 09/15-21:18)
Israel official: killing Arafat an option ( 09/15-14:24)
Arab diplomats to mull Palestine issue ( 09/15-05:50)
Powell sees "deliberate process" to restore Iraqi sovereignty ( 09/15-04:21)
Bremer suggests reimbursing families of victims in Fallujah incident ( 09/15-02:09)
Kuwait vows to bring former Saddam regime officials to justice ( 09/14-23:52)
Palestinian parliament committee discusses Israeli decision to expel Arafat ( 09/14-18:46)
Powell pays first post-war visit to Iraq ( 09/14-16:31)
US envoy reiterates rejection of removing Arafat ( 09/14-06:42)
Arafat condemns Israeli government's decision to expel him ( 09/14-06:38)
Saudi Arabia condemns Israel's decision to expel Arafat ( 09/13-05:35)
Kuwait calls for stopping Israel from expelling Arafat ( 09/13-04:52)
Xinhua News analysis: Behind Israel's decision to expel Arafat ( 09/13-00:14)
Sudan peace talks in trouble ( 09/12-23:05)
Israeli police disperse stone-throwers at Wailing Wall ( 09/12-21:02)
Two US soldiers killed in western Iraq ( 09/12-20:31)
10 Iraqi policemen killed by US troops ( 09/12-19:40)
Israel can kill me, but never deport me: Arafat ( 09/12-04:31)
Turkish, Iraqi officials fail to reach consensus on troops deployment ( 09/12-02:06)
Israel agrees in principle to expel Arafat ( 09/12-02:05)
Iran allays fears on its nuclear program ( 09/12-00:17)
US forces looking for Saddam to prove his terror link: Sanchez ( 09/11-23:52)
US to fight long, tough war on terror in Iraq: Sanchez ( 09/11-23:44)
Palestinian official warns against hurting Arafat ( 09/11-22:58)
Israeli army finishes seizing buildings around Arafat's HQ ( 09/11-22:57)
Tide of anti-American attacks returns in Iraq ( 09/11-08:46)
New video tape of al-Qaida aired on Al-Jazeera TV ( 09/11-02:13)
Syrian PM resigns, parliament speaker named new PM ( 09/10-19:52)
Qurei accepts nomination as new Palestinian PM ( 09/10-19:31)
Hamas vows revenge for targeting Hamas leader's house ( 09/10-19:29)
Israeli army raids villages around Ramallah ( 09/10-19:21)
Profile: Azzahar, prominent Hamas leader who survives Israeli airstrike ( 09/10-18:16)
PNA FM condemns airstrike on Hamas leader's home ( 09/10-18:11)
Israel targets top Hamas leader, three killed ( 09/10-16:41)
Car bomb blast kills one, injures dozens in northern Iraq ( 09/10-16:11)
US soldier killed in bomb attack in Iraq ( 09/10-13:15)
Two suicide bombings rock Israel, killing 13 ( 09/10-04:42)
Israeli troops kill Palestinian east of Gaza ( 09/09-23:47)
Three killed in explosion in Tel Aviv ( 09/09-23:46)
Qurei meets with outgoing prime minister Abbas in Ramallah ( 09/09-21:04)
Arab states agree on IGC's representation at AL ( 09/09-16:38)
Media building in Baghdad on fire ( 09/09-15:56)
Israeli officials demand actions from Qurei ( 09/09-15:44)
UN chief seeks to meet major powers' FMs on Iraq ( 09/09-07:56)
IAEA chief calls on Iran to provide full nuclear details ( 09/09-07:53)
Urgent: Qorei accepts Palestinian PM post: official ( 09/09-01:26)
Qurei says to accept nomination if he receives guarantee from US, EU ( 09/08-20:46)
Hamas vows revenge, Israel tightens measures ( 09/08-20:25)
Israeli army escalates military actions in Palestinian territories ( 09/08-16:41)
Powell opposes expelling Arafat: newspaper ( 09/08-16:33)
Annan to meet Security Council members on Iraq resolution ( 09/08-10:20)
AL urges EU not to bow to Israeli hard line on Hamas ( 09/08-09:19)
Arafat officially asks Qurei to be new prime minister ( 09/08-05:46)
10 wounded in Israeli airstrike in southern Gaza Strip ( 09/08-05:45)
Fatah recommends Qurei as new Palestinian PM ( 09/08-02:33)
US military downplays missile attacks at US plane in Iraq ( 09/08-02:07)
Israel hails EU decision to blacklist Hamas political wing ( 09/07-22:39)
Audio tape from Al-Qaida denies link to Najaf bombing ( 09/07-21:39)
Iran condemns Israeli assassination attempt on Hamas leader ( 09/07-20:55)
The US-led coalition forces and Afghan troops have achieved victory in the first phase of a 10-day engagement with suspected Talibans in Dai Chupan district, southern Zabul province, announced the spokesman for the Bagram-based Coalition Headquarters on Sunday. ( 09/07-17:29)
International community concerned over Abbas' resignation ( 09/07-12:47)
Rumsfeld urges Iraqis to work with coalition ( 09/07-07:23)
PNA condemns assassination attempt against Yassin ( 09/07-06:37)
Arab League keen on unity of Palestinian leadership: spokesman ( 09/07-06:30)
Yassin vows to revenge for assassination attempt ( 09/07-06:27)
Hamas armed wing vows revenge for Israeli assassination attempt ( 09/07-06:22)
US defense chief urges Iraqis to protect themselves ( 09/07-02:18)
Arafat officially accepts Abbas's resignation ( 09/07-01:23)
Egypt urges removal of Arafat-Abbas differences ( 09/07-01:21)
PNA condemns Israel's assassination attempt on Yassin ( 09/07-01:20)
Angry Palestinians protest against Israel's assassination ( 09/07-00:10)
Israel responsible for disputes between Arafat, Abbas: PNA officials ( 09/06-23:55)
Arafat officially accepts Abbas's resignation ( 09/06-23:50)
Hamas threatens to kill Sharon after Israel's assassination attempt ( 09/06-23:48)
Arafat has not decided on Abbas' resignation: aide ( 09/06-23:24)
Israeli troops wound Palestinian near Khan Younis ( 09/06-22:55)
Attempt to assassinate Yassin turns table upside down: Hamas ( 09/06-22:39)
Yassin lightly wounded in Israeli missile attack ( 09/06-22:27)
Britain appoints new ambassador to Saudi Arabia ( 09/06-21:28)
Israeli helicopters carry out air raid in Gaza City ( 09/06-21:26)
Shooting at British embassy irrational: Iranian FM ( 09/06-21:14)
Israel says not to accept Arafat or whom he chooses ( 09/06-21:06)