Iran dismisses UN resolution, threatening counter measures
Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said Wednesday it is western powers that would suffer from the new sanctions against Tehran, noting it is a mistake only adds pressure to the West, local satellite Press TV reported. >>

U.S. hails new UN resolution on Iran
"This resolution will put in place the toughest sanctions ever faced by the Iranian government, and it sends an unmistakable message about the international community's commitment to stopping the spread of nuclear weapons," Obama told reporters. >>

Brazil, Turkey vote against UNSC draft resolution on Iran sanctions
Brazil and Turkey, the two non-permanent members of the UN Security Council, on Wednesday voted against the draft resolution of the UN Security Council to impose new sanctions against Iran. Lebanon abstained from the vote. >>

UN Security Council adopts new Iran sanctions resolution
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Iran hopes for constructive October talks with major powers

ElBaradei: IAEA to inspect Iran's new uranium plant on Oct. 25

Iran displayed its ballistic missile

Report: Trial of post-election protestors resumes in Iran
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China's Attitude
- Senior CPC official meets Iranian guest
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