Libyan Amazigh Berbers step up pressure to be represented in gov't
War-battered city of Sirte
Sudan, Libya agree on political, economic integration
Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam to be tried in Libya: NTC
Libyan interim PM confirms capture of Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam, promises fair trial
Libyans celebrate capture of Saif al-Islam
Military parade celebrates Libya's liberation in Tripoli
Demining experts remove mines in Libya
Libyan people protest against tribe clashes
Passenger liner resumes between Libya and Malta
Hundreds of Libyan fighters demand salary from NTC
Gaddafi's main compound in Tripoli torn down completely
Libyan NTC chairman meets European Parliament president in Tripoli
Libyan chefs prepare huge cake to celebrate Gaddafi's death
Libyans celebrate liberation in Tripoli
"Friends of Libya" group meeting held in Doha, Qatar
Gaddafi's last hiding place in Sirte
Corpses of Gaddafi loyalists seen in Sirte, Libya
Gaddafi spends last days in fear, humbleness
Committee to set up to investigate Gaddafi's death: NTC
Libya declares national liberation in Benghazi
People in Benghazi welcome NTC fighters back from Sirte
Libya's Muammar Gaddafi dies of wounds, NTC field commander tells Xinhua
Clinton, NTC leaders discuss assistance, rebuilding in Libyan capital
Clinton arrives in Libya on unannounced visit
Libyan NTC controls 90 pct area of Bani Walid
Libyan NTC, civilians set to uproot Gaddafi's compound in capital
Fighting between NTC fighters, Gaddafi supporters continues in Sirte
Fierce battles in Libya's Sirte continue
Daily life in post-war Libya's Misrata
Battle in Libya's Sirte continues
Canada pledges aid to secure Libya's discarded weapons
NTC financial chief stresses transparency in economy
Gaddafi may hide in southwestern Libyan border: NTC
Battles in Libya's Bani Walid continue fiercely
Battles in Gaddafi strongholds likely to end next week
Libyans pray in Martyr's Square in Tripoli
Battle continues in Sirte, Libya
Daily life in Tripoli, libya
Battles drag on in Sirte, Libya
Turkish commercial plane lands in Libyan capital, first since no-fly zone
Battles drag on in Gaddafi hometown
Turkey-Libya airlines resumes
Yard at Fort Pitt Gaddafi Azizia bab turns into market
U.S. senator hails success of Libyan people, vows assistance
Gaddafi's spokesman arrested: TV
Libya's NTC militants near Bani Walid
Libya's NTC confirms whereabouts of Gaddafi's two sons
Rebels uncover mass grave in Tripoli
Libyan NTC forces continue attacks on pro-Gaddafi strongholds
Thousands of civilians evacuate Sirte, Libya
Battle continues in Bani Walid
NTC forces march into Gaddafi's hometown Sirte
Arms depot explodes in Tripoli, heavy smoke covering city
Libyan NTC official speaks at 66th UN General Debate
Libyan people protest for better medical treatment
UN chief meets with Libyan NTC chairman in New York
Globe calls on Libyan parties "to join peace process" in high-level meeting: Chair
NTC fighters attack Gaddafi general's house in Tripoli
Schools reopen in Tripoli, Libya
Still no idea about Gaddafi's whereabouts: NTC
Fight continues as Libya NTC forces enter Bani Walid
Libyan residents visit Gaddafi's Bab Al-Azizia compound
Turkish PM arrives in Libyan capital
British PM, French president arrive in Libyan capital: TV
Hundreds of Libyans demonstrate against intolerance in Tripoli
Volunteers have military training in Tripoli, Libya
Students in Tripoli prepare for new school year
Libyans demonstrate in Tripoli against using firearms for celebration
Libyan rebels fight with Gaddafi forces in Bani Walid
Libya's NTC fighters on their way to Bani Walid
Mitiga airport continues flights between Tripoli and Benghazi
Destroyed buildings seen in Bab Al-Aziziyah, Tripoli, Libya
Suspected mercenaries for Gaddafi held in Tripoli prison
Military base destroyed in Tripoli, Libya
Documents indicate U.S., British spy agencies help Gaddafi persecute Libyan dissidents
Algeria closes its borders with Libya
Libyans protest against Gaddafi in Tripoli
Algeria closes border ports with Libya
UK sends unfrozen cash to Libya
Gaddafi's son Saadi says contacted rebels to end bloodshed
Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam calls for continued resistance in TV audio tape
Libyans celebrate Eid al-Fitr after fall of Gaddafi
Libyan rebel leader gives Qaddafi forces deadline to submit
Libyans demonstrate against Gaddafi in Tripoli
Libyan rebels converge on Gaddafi's hometown of Sirte
Libyan political prisoners released by rebels
Residents' daily life in Tripoli, Libya
Current situation at int'l airport in Tripoli, Libya
Arab League restores Libya's membership
Search for Gaddafi's forces in Tripoli continues
Secret tunnel in Qaddafi's al-Aziziya compound in Tripoli
Morocco vows all-wave support to Libyan rebels: FM
Libyan rebels attack Gaddafi's compound - TV
Libyan rebels' flag raised at Libyan embassy in China
Gaddafi's son Saif Al-Islam appears on Tripoli street
Libyan rebels fight with pro-Gaddafi forces in Tripoli
Libyan rebels celebrate entry into Tripoli
Libyan rebels celebrate control of Tajoura, suburb of Tripoli
Gaddafi's elder son Mohammed Al-Gaddafi surrenders to rebels