Mr. Premier, I am a worker. During the second half of last year, our local authorities imposed power cuts to fulfill the energy-saving targets, which forced residents to drink water or use the toilets in the dark, or turn on flashlights to prepare breakfast. Is this right? It is right to save energy and cut emission, but people’s life should not be affected. Can the two sides be considered at the same time?
- Ever Changing
Hello, Premier. The retirees’ pensions from enterprises are two to three times lower than that for those with the same qualification from the governmental departments or institutional organizations. It is not uncommon that employees with the same educational backgrounds, same qualifications, same skill levels and same contributions to the society can not get the same pensions when they retire. It sometimes happens that the pensions of two senior technicians from enterprises combined are less than that of one auxiliary worker from the government departments or institutional organizations. Premier, this two-tier retirement pension system has to be solved.
- Equity
Mr. Premier, judicial justice has been a big concern of the common people. In the past years, treatment of some cases was truly unfair and has brought some negative effects on the society. How would the government enhance judicial justice in 2011?
- Fairness to Justice
Dear Premier, the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement signed between the Chinese Mainland and Taiwan last year has brought about substantial benefits to both sides. Will there be any more good news in the cross-straits economic and trade cooperation this year? And what breakthroughs will be made?
- Peace
Premier, I am a cab driver, with a monthly income of little more than 2,300 yuan RMB, just passing the threshold for personal income tax. I think the threshold is too low and the wage-earning group in China has become the main tax-payer. This is unfair. Fair should be that those earning more be taxed more, while those earning less be taxed less or none. I hope the government can solve this problem as soon as possible.
- Mobile phone number(last four digits): 5187
Mr. Premier, many people are curious about the different life of a premier. Do you often chat with your children about their work and daily life? Do you visit relatives or drop in on friends or classmates once in a while?
- Freedom of Heart
Can the government push foreword the reform of income distribution system in 2011 and produce substantial results for the people?
- Climbing Mountain
Premier Wen, RMB exchange rate has been an issue of comm. concern at home and abroad. You have stressed during many foreign visits that it is an economic issue rather than a political one. However, facing the fact that some countries do not have a correct understanding of it and still press China to appreciate, what bottom line and strategy will China insist on then?
- Traditional Nori
Some foreign media claimed that the enormous growth of Chinese economy has benefited from the model of “Import – Absorbance – Re-innovation” of foreign technologies. Although this model is simple and effective, it is not good for creating an atmosphere for indigenous innovation. Premier Wen, what’s your point of view?
- Unshakable Love
Premier, you work very hard. The central government has done a good job in transforming the mode of economic development. But recently at some local NPC and CPPCC sessions, people proposed to double their local GDP during the 12th five-year plan period. It is not hard to imagine what consequence it would bring about if high economic growth rate is to be achieved at the cost of damaged environment. Is it really difficult to solve the contradiction between the transformation of economic development mode and the local governments’ longing for unreasonably high GDP figures?
- Enlightment Education
Premier Wen, it is obvious that the government has made some progress in reforming itself these years. However, the transformation of its functions is still lacking with some officials in the governmental departments known for their “arrogance, bad attitude and low efficiency”. Will the situation be corrected in the new year?
- Smokey Lightness
Premier Wen, food security is related to people’s life. However, food safety incidents have taken place frequently in recent years. Illegal cooking oil, tainted milk powder, and adulterated liquor, all these make us feel that anything on the table is unsafe. Why are there people who dare make money unscrupulously at the price of children’s life and people’s health? Can the law enforcement be tougher?
- Good Appetite
Mr. Premier, the CPC leadership recently decided to initiate an investigation into former Railway Minister Liu Zhijun, and the anti-corruption bureau of People's Procuratorate of Guangdong Province started an investigation into Luo Yinguo, CPC secretary of Maoming City, and placed him in criminal detention. Netizens cheer for the decisions, which show the determination of the CPC leadership to fight corruption unswervingly. But at a second thought, one of the two officials was a minister and the other was the chief of a prefecture-level city. They had too much power and uncurbed audacity. What can be used to prevent the chiefs from abusing their power?
- Stick It Out
Premier, the current level of medical insurance is quite low. The proportion for medical reimbursement is trivial for many employees of enterprises and farmers. When getting seriously ill, they cannot afford the remaining cost even they are covered by the medical insurance. Premier, will the government increase spending on the medical insurance sector this year so that more and more ordinary people can benefit from it?
- Goat on the Hill
Hello, Premier. I work in Shanghai, but not a registered resident. I feel nowadays residential registration in many big cities bring about more and more benefits. It seems the residential registration is becoming ever precious. Kids of us the non-registered residents are treated differently in big cities, and they have to go back to their places of residential registration when sitting the college or middle school entrance exams. In some big cities, authorities even have unveiled policies closely linked to the residential registration in purchases of housings or vehicles. Premier, will the government further advance the reform of residential registration system?
- Spring Comes
Premier, I am a college teacher. Some cities have now gone astray in achieving their urbanization. I heard that more than 100 prefecture-level cities are mapping out to build themselves into global metropolises. This practice of simply seeking grandeur without prudence seems to me like a “Great Leap Forward” of city version. By so doing, will large amount of cultivated lands be otherwise occupied? Cities may bring about GDP figures, but raise no chickens, ducks and fish, nor produce grains. So what is the correct way to achieve urbanization in China?
- Emergency Stop

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