Spotlight: Belt and Road Initiative to reshape world economy, expert says

China's Belt and Road Initiative can greatly benefit the world and significantly reshape the global economic development if certain risks are addressed, Jean-Pierre Lehmann, an expert said.

Feature: Chinese workers contribute to revive silk road with railways in Turkey

Once on the ancient silk road from China to Turkey, camels and horses were the only solutions to exchanges of goods and books.


Scholar calls for closer China-LatAm ties in politics, culture

China-Latin America relation should advance in the political and cultural spheres to match the trade and economic links built in recent years.

St. Petersburg cultural forum highlights China-Russia culture cooperation

The fifth St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum held from Thursday to Saturday has highlighted a series of fruits yielded in the China-Russia cooperation in culture.

  • @jumprunIt will boost tourism. I think a lot of people will go there.
  • @greentree007 One Belt, One Road offers opportunities for China and other countries along the road, hopefully, our daily life can be improved because of it.
  • @ sparklein Really! i am in Gansu province. i will go and see the expo.
  • @william116 AIIB, Belt and Road initiative,well done, China! I live in Beijing several years. i like the summer palace.