Central China transportation hub sees 200 Sino-European freight trains this year

Central China's Wuhan city, a transportation hub, has seen more than 200 Sino-European freight trains so far this year, said local authorities on Saturday.

Antwerp Port eyes new Chinese investment waves

The Antwerp Port has already seen new Chinese investment waves in Belgium as well as in Europe under the Belt and Road Initiative.


"Belt and Road" Initiative facilitates language development

"China's Belt and Road Initiative has facilitated the development of languages in recent years, and such progress will be conducive to the sound implementation of the Initiative in the long run," said Yao.

"Belt and Road" among top Chinese media buzzwords: report

"Mobike," "AlphaGo" and "emoji package" were among the most frequently used new words in Chinese media in 2016, according to a report released Tuesday.

  • @jumprunIt will boost tourism. I think a lot of people will go there.
  • @greentree007 One Belt, One Road offers opportunities for China and other countries along the road, hopefully, our daily life can be improved because of it.
  • @ sparklein Really! i am in Gansu province. i will go and see the expo.
  • @william116 AIIB, Belt and Road initiative,well done, China! I live in Beijing several years. i like the summer palace.