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  Traditionally, brides hand-pick a group of female bridesmaids and grooms select a handful of male groomsmen to stand by their side on their wedding day.


  But many Australian couples have decided to break tradition and mix up their bridal parties to ensure their loved ones are included and honoured with the traditional roles - regardless of their gender.


  Over the past year, weddings across the country have seen a rise in 'groomswomen', 'bridesmen', best women and 'males of honour' taking part in the celebration.


  In March 2015, Alex and Sara Mazzoni married in Brisbane, with Mr Mazzoni choosing to include a groomswoman in his party.



  'It was a pretty easy decision...my best man and two groomsmen were my best mates since high school and my 'groomswoman' would be my sister,' Mr Mazzoni told Daily Mail Australia.


  'My sister and I are pretty close. I was actually her 'man of honour' a couple of years before and my sister had also grown up knowing my best man and groomsmen very well, so it was the perfect team!'


  Sara Mazzoni said she'd love to see more couples embracing a less traditional approach.


  'I love when couples break the rules and find fun and authentic ways to celebrate the start of their marriage. I think it's definitely the new normal for weddings - you should be able to share the day with your nearest and dearest by your side, no matter if they're a man or a woman,' Mrs Mazzoni said.


  Mandi Takis and her husband Robert married in October, with Mr Takis choosing to include Mrs Takis' cousin Evette in his party.


  'Robert had been married before and had a good mate as his best man so we decided that for our wedding we would like to have my cousin as she is close to me and my partner,' Mrs Takis told Daily Mail Australia.


  'We thought it would only be right to have her be the one next to him and do the honour of the best man duties as my sister was next to me as my maid of honour.'



  Mrs Takis said the decision was an easy one as the pair are very family oriented.


  'I am very much a family person and they are always number one on my priority list so we would much rather have our family a part of our wedding and included in the important roles as we trust them more,' she said.


  Other women decided to include their male best friends as part of their bridal parties - all of them happy to go against tradition to make sure their best mates had a special role on the big day.


  Samantha Amiridis and her partner also both chose to mix their bridal parties.

  萨曼莎·艾米丽迪斯和丈夫也在婚礼上选择了 “混搭式”伴娘伴郎团。

  'I had my brother Timothy as my chief bridesman and my husband had his sister as his best woman,' Mrs Amiridis said.


  'Why? Simply put my brother is my best friend and I didn't want anyone else by my side on the big day. Likewise with my husband.'


  'For my husband Billy, his sister Maria was his best woman. She made sure he was on time, dressed perfectly and all organised. She stood by him at the front of the room whilst I walked down the aisle.'


  'Essentially, we firmly believed that whoever was by our sides on the day were going to be people who would be by our sides forever.'





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