Interview: CPC creates role model for developing countries -- Moroccan party leader

Source: Xinhua| 2017-10-22 21:36:34|Editor: Liangyu
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RABAT, Oct. 22 (Xinhua) -- The Communist Party of China (CPC) has created exemplary experience for developing countries to lead their people heading in a right direction, said Habib Belkouch, leader of Morocco's second largest political party.

Belkouch said his party, the Authenticity and Modernity Party, is closely watching the 19th CPC National Congress, a week-long meeting which opened Wednesday in Beijing and marks China's most important political event in five years.

The landmark conference will elect a new CPC Central Committee and CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, amend the CPC Constitution, and draw a blueprint for China's development in the next five years and beyond.

Commenting on the achievements China has made in the past few decades, Belkouch recalled his trip to the Asian country and said he is "amazingly surprised."

"Seeing how a population of about 1.4 billion is governed, how the country is able to achieve all this development in 30 years ... we could only hail the role played by the Communist Party of China and the Chinese president who leads this experience," he said.

Noting that his party is concerned about building on the country's history while embracing modernity and openness, Belkouch said he is impressed by China's "capacity to link millennia-old heritage to strong modernity."

As regards Morocco-China cooperation, Belkouch stressed that the development of bilateral relations is a keen interest at the highest level in Morocco.

The number of Chinese visitors to Morocco is growing year-on-year, and the north African kingdom has become a key economic platform for Africa-China cooperation, he noted.

Particularly, he emphasized that the Belt and Road Initiative is an important platform for Morocco, which looks forward to strengthening cooperation with the world's second largest economy in the areas of investment and infrastructure.

The Belt and Road Initiative, put forward in 2013 by Chinese President Xi Jinping, is aimed at promoting trade, financial integration, infrastructure connectivity and people-to-people exchanges along and beyond the ancient Silk Road trade routes linking Asia with Europe and Africa.

The Authenticity and Modernity Party, said Belkouch, hopes to see Morocco-China relations grow stronger, especially in the economic area, so that Morocco can benefit from the Chinese experience.

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