Drought causes Norway's worst crop production in over 50 years

Source: Xinhua| 2018-07-31 21:53:41|Editor: Yurou
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OSLO, July 31 (Xinhua) -- This summer's drought would make Norway get worst crops since 1960s, newspaper Aftenposten reported Tuesday.

Norwegian dairy producers do not believe there will be third harvest this year, and several farmers have asked for deferment of payments and funding from a credit bank to survive the violent drought's consequences, the report said.

"I do not think people in the street understand what is going on. This is an extreme situation that we have never experienced before," said Bjorn Inge Rostad from the Norwegian Agricultural Extension Service.

"When we talk about halving crops, it is gross revenues that are halved. Costs have been almost the same, so the fall in net income is getting much bigger," said John Lilleborge, chairman of Corn Producers' Interest Group.

If crops are halved, there may be a need to import around 600,000 tons, he added.

According to diary farmer Svend Arild Uvaag, difficult situation makes it also worse for the animals.

"Many farmers still do not know if they are able to get enough (animal food) for the winter," he said.

He hopes that straw will be the rescue, but it is still uncertain if that will be enough.

Landkreditt Bank in Norway recently offered deferment of payment and solutions to help farmers in the drought crisis.

According to Ole Laurits Lonnum, the bank's CEO, there were several inquiries from farmers asking for help.