Feature: Chinese naval hospital ship brings treatment, care to Fijians

Source: Xinhua| 2018-08-13 22:34:06|Editor: yan
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by Zhang Yongxing, Jiang Shan

SUVA, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) -- Diana, a six-year-old Fijian girl, with long eyelashes, had a severe malformation on her right hand, left leg and on her toes, which had inflicted restrictions upon her daily movements.

On the evening of Aug. 4, Diana received plastic surgery conducted successfully by doctors of the Chinese naval hospital ship Ark Peace.

"She was born with the defects," said Diana's mother. "She is neither willing to extend her hands before her companions nor to be dressed in skirt."

On Aug. 3, a day after Ark Peace's arrival in Suva, Diana boarded the ship together with her mother for treatment. On the second day after she was admitted as inpatient, a two-hour operation was conducted under general anesthesia on the little girl following pre-examinations, and the malformation on her hand and foot were successfully corrected.

Before checking out of the hospital ship, a new dream came to the little girl following the success of the operation.

"After growing up, I now wish I could go to China to thank you by dancing a ballet," Diana told the Chinese nurse who had accompanied her during her treatment.

Fijians from all walks of life have appreciated the free medical services offered by Ark Peace, which last Thursday wrapped up her eight-day goodwill visit to the South Pacific island nation with a population of more than 880,000 people.

During the visit, the second of its kind since 2014, Ark Peace, which is on Mission Harmony 2018, deployed 12 batches of medical teams to local health centers to provide medical services while conducting all-weather consultations and treatments on the major platform onboard.

A rescue helicopter carrying a medical team was dispatched to the island of Vatulele, more than 100 km away from the Fijian capital city of Suva, to provide the most needed medical services for the islanders. The hospital ship provided consultations and treatments to a total of 6,577 persons, auxiliary examinations for 3,074 people and surgical operations for 32 cases, while admitting 26 inpatients.

Fijians have been more than satisfied with the medical services provided by the Chinese medical teams who have done their best to help solve local people's health problems.

Some of the medical teams' exploits have touched the hearts of the Fijians seeking free medical services.

Marisia Daurewa Vasunyla, a 71-year-old teacher of Fijian nationality, had been suffering from eye trouble. She has been a teacher for 50 years and has worked as a teacher in Vanuatu over the past couple of years.

When Ark Peace was in Vanuatu for her first visit in 2014, she missed the opportunity due to her busy schedule. She was very happy after learning that Ark Peace would visit Vanuatu for a second time as she could take this opportunity to get treated.

The doctor of ophthalmology from Ark Peace carefully examined her and diagnosed her with a cataract on her left eye. But there was not enough time for the surgery as Ark Peace was to depart shortly from Vanuatu for Fiji.

"Fiji is my home country and I'd like to go to Fiji for the surgery," said Vasunyla excitedly. She immediately booked an air ticket and arrived in Fiji two days before Ark Peace's arrival at Port of Suva.

On Aug. 4, Vasunyla boarded Ark Peace with her husband and she successfully received cataract ultrasonic emulsification and intraocular lens implantation.

"What a cross-border appointment is this!" said Vasunyla. "You are the envoys of brightness from China and I will bear your kindness and help in my mind forever..."

As for Fiji's former President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, he boarded Ark Peace twice and experienced the medical treatment.

"When Ark Peace was in Fiji four years ago, I was the then president and witnessed Fijian people's openness and gratitude to Ark Peace. For this visit, I can feel the same openness and gratitude from the Fijian people as before. Whenever Ark Peace comes to Fiji, I will be always ready to greet you!" he said.

In addition, Fiji's Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama boarded the hospital ship three times. He inspected the guards of honor onboard and visited the medical staff and local patients.

Bainimarama lauded Ark Peace's humanitarianism, acknowledging that the visit has further deepened the traditional friendship between the two peoples and shown the world the good bilateral ties between Fiji and China.