Feature: Special get-together between Ark Peace staff, Tongan students

Source: Xinhua| 2018-08-16 19:59:39|Editor: zh
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by Zhang Yongxing, Jiang Shan

SUVA, Aug. 16 (Xinhua) -- A group of 26 medical staff and crew from visiting Chinese naval hospital ship Ark Peace on Wednesday enjoyed a special get-together with students of Tonga High School located in Tongatapu, the main island of the South Pacific Island nation and the location of its capital city of Nukualofa.

Strong Chinese features appeared on the school campus while the Chinese hospital team conducted goodwill activities and offered medical services to the teachers and students.

"I love you, China!" the teachers and students shouted happily and applauded the Chinese hospital team for their wonderful performance.

Walking into the campus, the Chinese and English banners with the words such as Long live China-Tonga Friendship are particularly eye-catching.

"Since Aug. 9 when I heard the news of your arrival, the students have been looking forward to seeing you," said Pelenaise Alilei, a 15-year-old female student who is extremely excited and dressed up by her mother.

"In 2014, the hospital ship helped cure my mother's abdominal pain, gave my mother a good health and this made us feel happy," Alile said. "I prayed in my heart, hoping to see the Ark Peace again."

"This high school was built in 1947, but the old campus was accidentally burned in a fire in 2000. The new school building was built by the Chinese government, including a batch of computers, sporting goods and school bags, etc." Ren Linlin, a teacher at Liaoning Normal University in China, volunteered in this school since March 2016.

According to her, there are currently 35 classes in the school and it is the only school in Tonga that offers Chinese language teaching.

The Chinese elements are everywhere on the campus of Tonga High School which is of exceptional beauty with Chinese culture.

With the joyful Chinese ethnic music, Zhang Xincheng, a sailor wearing Uygur costume, danced on the stage. A Dai dance is performed by Sun Ruxia, a nurse from the hospital ship.

Miao Xuerong, a ship doctor, displayed Chinese calligraphy by writing Friendship Forever and teaching students to write Chinese character Fu which means happiness.

At the same time, Gui Jiangbo, one of the crew members, was sketching a student named Alleto as a special gift for her.

Chinese Kung Fu is very popular in Tonga. When the hostess Chen Wenying introduced Chinese Kung Fu, the students rejoiced.

Chinese Kung Fu performance by crew member Yin Longmin and Zheng Xinxing was enthusiastically responded. A group of students were also encouraged to learn Chinese Kung Fu on the stage.

Later, the saxophone piece Little Apple played by crew member Yang Dequan ignited the whole audience. The students danced with the joyful rhythm and kept waving the flags of the two countries.

The officers and the enlisted also performed Erhu solo, Tai Chi boxing, magic, traditional Chinese medicine show, etc. One after another, all the performances were wonderful and well-received.

In order to express their gratitude, Tonga High School specially sent students wearing their beautiful national costumes to perform traditional dances. During the impassioned interaction, the students soon became good friends with their elderly Chinese brothers and sisters.

Meanwhile, in the classroom near the networking venue, a medical team including doctors from the departments such as oral and ophthalmology is conducting health checkups and treatments for students, and presenting glasses and medicines to the students.

Chinese Ambassador to Tonga Wang Baodong and the commanders of "Harmony Mission-2018" also presented the students with cute panda toys and brand new stationery, wishing them a happy life.

"The officers of Ark Peace have brought happiness and health to the students. More importantly, you passed on humanity, fraternity and dedication, and set a good example for them," acting principal Taisia Ma'U said.

"'To the best' is our school motto. I hope this is the happy agreement between Tonga High School and the Ark Peace. Let us work together to make the friendship and exchanges between the two peoples the best," Taisia Ma' U said.