Hungary refuses to withdraw controversial "Stop-Soros" anti-migration legislation

Source: Xinhua| 2018-09-20 03:35:37|Editor: Mu Xuequan
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BUDAPEST, Sept. 19 (Xinhua) -- Hungary refused to withdraw its controversial "Stop-Soros" anti-migration legislation and subsequent modification of its Constitution which had earned the Hungarian government infringement procedures from the European Commission, official sources declared here on Wednesday.

"The government prepared its answers to the European Commission's proposals in the infringement procedure concerning the 'Stop Soros' package and the related amendments to the Constitution, and Hungary will not withdraw the legislation protecting the country and Europe," Pal Volner, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, told journalists.

The Commission launched infringement proceedings against Hungary in July in response to the "Stop Soros" law package and the related constitutional amendment. The Commission's experts had serious concerns about their compliance with the European Union (EU) law. The Hungarian government had two months to respond to the arguments.

Volner declared that the response has been sent to the Commission, saying, "To sum it up, it explains that we will not abolish or modify the restrictions contained in the 'Stop Soros' and the amendment of the Constitution prohibiting the introduction of migrants."

He added that the Commission remained open to immigration, rather than being a guardian of laws. He also criticized the Brussels-based EU's executive body, for its "pursuit of political activity". The Commission should not hinder the measures aimed at the better protection of the borders, Volner underlined.

The politician also said that the Hungarian response would very likely not be satisfactory for the Commission, and further legal procedures were to be expected between Hungary and the EU.

According to the practice of the past three years, the EU's officials are much more liberal in the interpretation of the issue of border protection, since hundreds of thousands of people have been allowed into Europe without identification, according to Volner.

On June 20, the Hungarian parliament adopted its anti-migration law package called "Stop Soros", targeting "organizers of illegal migration".

"The 'Stop Soros' package of laws and the constitutional amendment validate the will of the Hungarian people, and is yet another powerful defense for the country against the illegal migration," the Hungarian government had declared in a statement following the adoption.

"Stop Soros" includes a modification of the Penal Code, making it illegal to organize illegal immigration, according to which everybody who organizes illegal migration and encourages the bypassing of Hungarian law would be punishable by jail."