Prominent neo-Nazi found dead in Germany: reports

Source: Xinhua| 2018-09-20 19:48:24|Editor: xuxin
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BERLIN, Sept. 20 (Xinhua) -- Marcel Kuschela, a prominent German neo-Nazi and Hooligan, was found dead in the country's western town of Moenchengladbach, German media reported on Thursday.

Police confirmed that a body with several stab wounds had been discovered by a passer-by near a local museum on Wednesday. The exact cause of death of the 32-year-old man is still unknown with an autopsy having been scheduled for Thursday.

According to the German newspaper Bild and public broadcaster WDR, the victim is a known right-wing extremist and Hooligan who is part of the extreme right-wing band "Kategorie C" and co-founded a movement known as "Hooligans against Salafists" (Hogesa).

Bild reported that while Kuschela was himself last registered in Bremen, his girlfriend lives in Moenchengladbach.

The death of the neo-Nazi has been met with regret on far-right online portals, sparking fears among Moenchengladbach municipal officials that the scene could now mobilize in the town like it has recently done in East German Chemnitz and Koethen.

Dominik Roeseler, the original founder of Hogesa, has already called for a commemorative event to be organized at the site where Kuschela's body was found on Thursday night. At the same time, some far-left groups have welcomed the news of the 32-year-olds passing.

In response, Moenchengladbach mayor Hans-Wilhelm Reiners issued a plea for calm on his Facebook profile on Thursday.

"I am deeply concerned to read appeals on the internet to travel to Moenchengladbach and hunt for the murderers after this horrible violent crime," Reiners wrote.

Reiners added that he had "trust that our police will do everything in its power to clarify the incident as quickly as possible" and that the German rule of law would ensure that the culprit was punished. "Level-headedness is now needed on all sides," the mayor wrote.

Police have warned that a large number of right-wing extremists could arrive at Moenchengladbach from all over the country on Thursday as a result of the incident.