Egypt's state TV to play Chinese soap opera as part of cultural cooperation

Source: Xinhua| 2018-11-19 06:34:50|Editor: yan
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CAIRO, Nov. 18 (Xinhua) -- Egyptian and Chinese media officials celebrated on Sunday the upcoming broadcast of a dubbed Arabic version of Chinese popular TV series "Ode to Joy" on Egyptian state TV.

Held in Cairo to mark the growing media cooperation between Egypt and China, the ceremony was attended by Naila Farouk, head of the Egyptian state TV, Gao Jianmin, deputy minister of information at China's National Radio and Television Administration, Song Aiguo, Chinese ambassador to Egypt and others.

The 42-episode "Ode to Joy," which will be broadcasted on Channel 2 of Egypt's state TV from Jan. 1 next year, tells the story of friendship between five Chinese young women who live on the same floor in a building in China's Shanghai city.

Despite having different backgrounds including their ages, social status, personalities and careers, the five main characters become good friends and share interesting stories.

Gao said during his speech at the ceremony that the positive media cooperation between the two countries is part of their comprehensive strategic partnership.

"Broadcasting 'Ode to Joy' in Egypt is undoubtedly a new accomplishment in this field," said Gao.

"Ode to Joy" is dubbed by China Radio International. It signed in September 2015 a broadcast agreement with the Egyptian state TV, through which Chinese TV dramas "Romance of Our Parents" and "Never Give Up Dodo" were aired in Egypt.