Climate change, consumer awareness changes Christmas present wishes in Sweden

Source: Xinhua| 2018-11-20 22:48:25|Editor: yan
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STOCKHOLM, Nov. 20 (Xinhua) -- The Swedish HUI Research has been surveying Sweden's Christmas present wishes for 31 years. For the first time, recycled goods are on the top of the list, the Swedish Television SVT reported on Tuesday.

According to HUI Research, Sweden's most wanted Christmas present for year 2018 is something recycled. This includes both second-hand garments and clothing that is made from recycled materials.

"Sustainable consumption is now on high demand," vice president Emma Hernell from HUI Research told SVT.

HUI Research says that this kind of change in Christmas present wishes reflects the interest that consumers have towards sustainable alternatives.

"Consumer power, climate change and the limited access to raw materials have made an entire industry start thinking about how to work in a more circular system, where the materials in our clothes are used more than once," HUI Research says in its press release.

According to Hernell, the most wanted Christmas presents always reflect the spirit of the time. For example, spike mats and juicers were a part of the health trend in early 2010 while VR-glasses and robotic vacuum cleaners reflected the interest towards robotics and augmented reality a couple of years ago.