Mongolian opposition party expels lawmaker for cross-voting in parliament vote

Source: Xinhua| 2018-12-03 17:58:33|Editor: Li Xia
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ULAN BATOR, Dec.3 (Xinhua) -- Mongolia's opposition Democratic Party (DP) has expelled lawmaker Jalbasuren Batzandan for cross-voting in a parliamentary no-confidence motion against the state government, the party said Monday.

"The DP has expelled Batzandan for four years as he defied the party whip and cross-voted," the party said in a statement.

Other two lawmakers, namely Luvsanvandan Bold and Dakyei Murat, have been banned for four years to compete in elections for the same reason.

On Nov. 30, a no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Ukhnaa Khurelsukh's government was launched in parliament but the government survived the vote.

DP's three lawmakers voted against the motion, defying the DP whip, said the party.

The no-confidence vote was submitted by a total of 27 lawmakers of the ruling Mongolian People's Party (MPP), regarding a scandal pertaining to financial irregularities involving some members of parliament and government.

In the corruption scandal exposed October, some members of the parliament, government and other high-ranking officials obtained a number of loans with low interest rates from a fund that serves small and medium-sized enterprises.