Cuba, China have much to do together for a better world: Cuban diplomat

Source: Xinhua| 2019-02-21 07:29:53|Editor: Yang Yi
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GENEVA, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) -- Cuba and China have many things to do together to play a role in making the world a better place, a senior Cuban diplomat highlighted here on Wednesday.

Permanent Representative of Cuba to the UN Office at Geneva, Pedro Pedroso, told Xinhua after his speech on Cuba's foreign policy at the University of Geneva Wednesday evening that the two countries share the same objective of liberating the potential of the people to build a better society.

"One of the most important goals for both Cuba and China to join hands in the international arena is the maintenance of world peace, the peace for the people, the peace that gives freedom to the people to exercise their rights, not only the civil and political rights, but also economic and social rights," he said.

Pedroso believes that Cuba and China have much to do to "continue fighting for the things that we think are more just".

On Wednesday, Pedroso gave a speech titled "Fidel Castro, 60 years of Cuban foreign policy" to outline Cuba's international relations.

The legacy of late Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro still functions as a basic guidance for the country's foreign policies, said the Cuban diplomat, who told Xinhua that Cuba will continue following Castro's cause of defending and promoting independence, justice and peace.

"The Republic of Cuba bases international relations on the exercise of its sovereignty and anti-imperialist and internationalist principles, in function of the interests of the people," he told the audience.

"It promotes the unity of all Third World countries, maintains and fosters friendly relations with all States, and promotes multilateralism in international relations," he concluded.

Jan. 1, 2019 marked the 60th anniversary of Cuba's revolution.

Sixty years ago, after three years of guerrilla war, the army led by Fidel Castro took over the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba after it took control of many important provinces in the country, causing dictator Fulgencio Batista to flee.

Along with other revolutionaries, Fidel Castro immediately began to change the Cuban society as his socialist movement enjoyed widespread popularity.