African women launch network in Kenya to enhance role in conservation

Source: Xinhua| 2019-03-09 01:18:39|Editor: Mu Xuequan
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NAIROBI, March 8 (Xinhua) -- A network of African women environmentalists was launched in Nairobi on Friday to enhance women's team work in environmental conservation.

Juliette Biao Koudenoukpo, director of Regional Office for Africa at UN Environment, said the network will ensure that African women play a significant and pivotal role in providing solutions towards the current environmental problems.

"The network is expected to bring women together from their different work stations by empowering them to share experiences and stories to inspire future generations on environmental conservation," Biao said at the launch.

The official noted that members of the network will also help build resilience in their communities and work towards achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Biao launched the network ahead of the fourth session of the United Nations Environment Assembly to be held in Nairobi next week.

Some 2,000 delegates including environment ministers, industry executives, scholars and campaigners will attend the event and adopt resolutions that will revitalize the global green agenda.

According to the official, NAWE is the first African women's environmental network and a platform aiming to ensure that African women play a significant and pivotal role in providing solutions towards environmental problems.

The network members are expected to spearhead activities in rural areas, apply innovative skills and sharing of experiences in a coordinated manner.

Biao noted that in a fast-changing continent, Africans are searching for solutions to deal with environmental challenges and are quickly recognizing the role women have played to this resolve.

"The women across Africa have long been change agents, unfortunately their voices on environmental issues have been rather uncoordinated," she added.

The network will spearhead women sharing their stories and experiences, dialogue and develop action plans, spearhead campaigns on pertinent issues regarding restoration and conservation of environment and use research findings from women scientists to help make change.

Biao noted that they have remained on their own with little collective ideas and innovations as they continue to remain disunited.

The network is championed by UN Environment in partnership with international partners as part of 2021 - 2030 UN decade on ecosystems restoration.

According to Biao, the network targets women who are involved in different tiers of environmental issues like policy, management, research, practical action, advocacy and governance.

Biao said the network will help promote activities against environmental degradation such as deforestation and pollution that affects water quality, air we breathe.