Chinese game developers dream big at San Francisco Game Developers Conference

Source: Xinhua| 2019-03-21 21:08:51|Editor: Li Xia
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SAN FRANCISCO, March 20 (Xinhua) -- Chinese game developers and publishers are attaching great importance to the ongoing 2019 Game Developers Conference (GDC) here, where they are seeking to grow their business in overseas markets, a representative of a Chinese game developer said Wednesday.

"One of our biggest goals to be here at the GDC is to explore possibilities to look for cooperation partners for the joint operation of our games and to grow our customer base," said Nicco Wu, director of business development at Rainbow Horse Limited (Rainbow Horse), a Chinese developer of the popular cross-platform html5 (H5) RPG game Rage Realm.

Rainbow Horse is a medium-sized developer based in Shanghai, China with about 300 employees. It is dedicated to creating H5 and mobile games.

"We have been very successful in the Chinese domestic market as our single game generates on average about 110 million RMB yuan (about 16.44 million U.S. dollars) per month," Wu told Xinhua.

However, Wu said Rainbow Horse wants to grow further and tap into the international market by looking for cooperation partners, particularly publishers and distributors that are familiar with the local market in North America.

"The GDC 2019 draws the largest number of game developers, publishers and distributors in North America, and it's an ideal platform for us to promote our company and product brand," Wu said.

"We have accumulated about 100 million active long-term users of our games in China's domestic market, and we also hope to achieve as many users as in the domestic market," she said.

Wu described the GDC as a good opportunity for Chinese game developers, publishers and service providers to expand their business and cooperation with international partners.

Rainbow Horse is one of more than 30 Chinese game companies, game service providers and publishers that have set up their own booths at the annual GDC 2019 so as to become more visible in the international market.

OneSky, a Hong Kong-based company dedicated to game language translation and localization solutions, is also seeking international opportunities.

"As a service provider for game developers, we have been here for the GDC every year since our company was established in 2010," said Nancy Liang, senior business development manager at OneSky.

She said her company's most successful case was the translation of the language pack of the mobile game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), operated by China's Internet megacorp Tencent.

Liang said her company translated most of the languages of PUBG, the best game product released by Tencent on the overseas market.

She said their cooperation partners included key international game players such as Sega, NetEase Games, Epic Games, EA and Smilegate.

Apart from its internationalized language service, OneSky also translated international languages into Chinese to help foreign game companies to grab a share on the Chinese domestic market.

"The GDC offers a lot of opportunities for Chinese game developers to expand their business scope, and with our language translation service, our company can help both Chinese game creators to go global and foreign companies to tap the Chinese market," Liang said.

Among the 30-plus Chinese game firms, China's Internet giant Baidu also attended the GDC to showcase its game engine-based simulation technology to support its Apollo self-driving project.

The GDC 2019 kicked off on Monday in downtown San Francisco, and attracted over 550 exhibiting companies for the five-day event.

Some of the biggest names in electronic entertainment including Sony, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Capcom, Bungie, Epic Games and Bethesda Softworks were represented.