Feature: Chinese-Egyptian tourism and cultural week kicks off in Cairo

Source: Xinhua| 2019-06-23 16:44:02|Editor: Liangyu
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CAIRO, June 23 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese-Egyptian tourism and cultural week opened on Saturday at the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo amid notable Egyptian and Chinese attendance.

The event is organized jointly by the Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo, the Henan Province of China and the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo, under the title "A Journey to Kung Fu ... Chinese Tourism and Cultural Week 2019."

The opening ceremony was widely attended by Egyptian and Chinese crowds.

During the ceremony, an exhibition dubbed "China in the eyes of the Museum of Islamic Art," was opened. The exhibition showcased a large number of artifacts with Chinese influence.

The ceremony also included a photo exhibition of Henan Province highlighting its historical, natural and tourist attractions, with the aim of introducing the most important tourist promotion activities in the province.

During the ceremony, a documentary about Henan Province was screened, highlighting the province's most attractions as well as the great development it has been witnessing.

Central China's Henan Province, home to about 100 million people, is the stronghold of Kung Fu and is the cradle of Chinese civilization.

Chinese Cultural Counselor to Egypt Shi Yuewen, said that Henan is the cradle of Kung Fu because it is home to the Shaolin Temple, where monks of the temple inherit the sport of Kung Fu.

"Among China's four greatest inventions in the history of humanity, three appeared in Henan. So Henan is the cradle of Chinese civilization," he said during a speech at the ceremony.

The inventions of compass, gunpowder, printing and papermaking are among China's greatest inventions and symbols of its ancient scientific progress.

The Chinese cultural counselor said that the Chinese cultural and tourism week is a great and important activity, stressing that China is keen to establish this activity in 50 countries around the world.

He pointed out that the Chinese Cultural Center, as a bridge for cultural exchange and tourism, is keen to guide the Chinese people to come to Egypt for tourism, adding the center also urges Egyptians to visit China to support and promote cultural and humanitarian exchanges between the two nations.

The celebration included performances of Chinese Kung Fu and traditional dance, as well as Chinese calligraphy and national costumes, especially from Henan Province.

During the event, various kinds of Chinese food was served to the guests who expressed their appreciation for Chinese food.

"I learned about the event through a Faceboook group...I came with my young children and mother," Maram Mahmoud, 28, told Xinhua.

Mahmoud said she is fascinated by Chinese culture, pointing out that the Chinese food has been greatly admired and appreciated by her mother and children.

"I would be keen to participate later in Chinese-related in Cairo... this helps me increase my knowledge of China," she added.

Ties between Egypt and China have been growing fast over the past few years, which led to the elevation of bilateral ties to a comprehensive strategic partnership in late 2014.

In a recent interview, Shi told Xinhua a growing number of Chinese tourists are expected to visit Egypt in the coming years.

He added that nearly half a million Chinese tourists visited Egypt in 2018 compared with only 300,000 in 2017.