French experts denounce external forces inflaming chaos in Hong Kong

Source: Xinhua| 2019-08-17 14:32:28|Editor: ZX
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PARIS, Aug. 17 (Xinhua) -- The external forces trying to instigate instability in Hong Kong will not see it coming, and tranquility is what the city needs for now for further development, according to French experts.

Pierre Picquart, PhD in geopolitics of Paris-VIII University and specialist on China, said what is happening in Hong Kong is absolutely a very organized action with external intervention.

"Let's not forget that both Hong Kong and Macao are special administrative regions that have returned to China, with a turbulent history ... Today, there are both internal and external attempts of separatism, at least to stir up trouble and chaos," he said.

Christine Bierre, editor-in-chief of Nouvelle Solidarite magazine and expert from Schiller France Institute, believes that what is happening in Hong Kong is clearly an attempt of color revolution supported by neo-conservatives in the United States. And the United Kingdom -- a former colonial power -- also has a role to play.

"This destabilization takes place ... while the United States are engaging an arm wrestling in trade and in monetary (policy) with China," Bierre told Xinhua.

In French expert David Gosset's eyes, Hong Kong is an inalienable part of the People's Republic of China, and enjoys, as stated in the Basic Law, a high degree of effective autonomy. Its GDP per capita is high, the fundamental rights of the around 7 million citizens are well protected, and the metropolis can be proud of a very high Human Development Index.

"Some individuals might have rejoiced to see Hong Kong's most chaotic moments, and some organizations might even want to instigate more instability," he said in an article contributed to think tank China Watch.

In a highly developed world-class Chinese city, the immediate reaction of the opinion leaders to the ongoing riot should be the condemnation of violence, the rejection of extremism, and a clear call for the return to normal life, Gosset said.

The founder of the Europe-China Forum and the New Silk Road Initiative also called for a "new deal for the public good" to provide solutions to the housing problem and social mobility issue, saying Hong Kong has to renew itself in the framework of China's Greater Bay Area.

"Banking, finance, services and trade are Hong Kong's traditional strengths. By connecting with the Greater Bay Area eco-system, Hong Kong could evolve into one of the world's leading smart cities", he said.

What's more, Gosset said the Belt and Road Initiative offers the city a long-term strategic horizon.

"It is a wise leadership that will take Hong Kong into a future of greater shared prosperity as a part of the larger renaissance of Chinese civilization," he concluded.