Sierra Leonean woman succeeds in delivery with help from Chinese doctors

Source: Xinhua| 2019-10-14 00:04:47|Editor: Mu Xuequan
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FREETOWN, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) -- For Huleamatu Jalloh, a 30- year-old female in Sierra Leone, the dream of having a child has finally been realized on Saturday with the help of the 21st batch of Chinese medical team.

The third pregnancy brought a mixture of joy and anxiety to her following her two failed cesarean sections in Sierra Leone, one of the countries with the highest child and maternal mortality in the world.

"I pinned my hope on Chinese doctors here this time," she said.

After conducting a careful pregnancy check for her, Li Shuping, doctor of the Chinese medical team, found that another cesarean section would be extremely risky for the patient and fetus since the lesion caused by the previous surgeries has not healed yet.

"We also found abdominal adhesion inside her body and the placenta is close to the scar of her womb, which may easily lead to bleeding, and will pose a severe threat to the fetus," said Li.

Therefore the Chinese medical team decided to have a group consultation and assigned three doctors to operate the surgery in order to minimize the risks.

"It is a relief for all of us when we finished the two-hour surgery, and we are more than excited to hear the crying of the baby and see the tears in her husband's eyes," said Li.

Li said many women in Sierra Leone suffer the pains of failed deliveries due to the lack of timely medical interventions in the country, adding that the Chinese medical team has helped more than 50 females deliver babies within three months.

The China-Sierra Leone Friendship Hospital, where the Chinese medical team is based, is now one of the most renowned hospitals in the country.