Armed people hijack ambulance in Oslo, connection with right extremists investigated

Source: Xinhua| 2019-10-23 05:24:00|Editor: yan
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OSLO, Oct. 22 (Xinhua) -- An armed man hijacked an ambulance and sped in the streets for 15 minutes in Oslo, the capital of Norway, midday Tuesday, running over a woman with two kids.

The man drove the ambulance consciously on the sidewalk according to witnesses. The police tried three times to stop the vehicle. Finally, it was stopped by police driving into it with two cars.

"Shots were fired to stop the perpetrator, and he is not critically injured," the Oslo police wrote on Twitter. The police took control of the ambulance and arrested the suspect in the Krebs Street.

A woman with a stroller was hurt at a shopping mall nearby. Oslo University Hospital said there were twins of seven months in the carriage that was hit. Both were lightly injured.

An elderly couple having to jump away in front of the car were transported to the emergency room with minor injuries, the police said to the press.

The three employees who were in the ambulance when it was stolen were not injured, the hospital was quoted by Norwegian broadcaster, NRK as saying.

Photos from the scene showed that the perpetrator was bald and wore military green pants, camouflage jacket and what looked like a bulletproof vest.

A woman involved in the case was arrested later in a shopping mall, said the police.


The police found narcotics in the vehicle as well as a shotgun and a Uzi machine gun.

The man, 32, and the woman, 25, were both from eastern Norway. They were very well known to the police, according to Norwegian media.

The man had previously been convicted of making threats, violence and robbery, NRK reported. The woman had been arrested in a narcotics raid before the weekend but was released on Saturday.

The man is now charged with murder attempts, and the woman is charged with firearm possession. The latter rejected the charges against her.

The police said the two detainees were connected to the right-wing group, the Nordic Resistance Movement.

NRK said the man was not a member of the organization but he was apparently active in propaganda for it. He will be in hearing with the police soon, said NRK.