Algerian president pledges to set up new system of governance

Source: Xinhua| 2020-01-06 05:27:54|Editor: Mu Xuequan
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ALGIERS, Jan. 5 (Xinhua) -- Algerian President Abdelmaguid Tebboune on Sunday pledged to review the half-century long governance system in the North African nation, as part of his efforts to build a new republic claimed by Algerians, official APS news agency reported.

Tebboune noted that his program gives paramount priority to "politic, institutional, socio-economic as well as cultural sectors, all of which are aimed at building a new republic responding to the aspirations of our people," the report said quoting a statement of the Council of Ministers headed by Tebboune.

He specified that "the construction of the new Algeria requires reconsideration of the system of governance," noting that the cornerstone of this path is engaging in deep revision of the constitution.

The president called on the government to "immediately conduct assessment of the general situation of the country, ahead of restoring the prestige of the state and retrieving the citizens' trust," noting that combating corruption and preserving public funds are top priorities.

As for his economic plan, the Algerian president said it is mainly based on "the implementation of a strong model based on diversification, free from administration obstacles, generates wealth and jobs, and reaches food security."

Tebboune was sworn in on December 19 as the eighth president of Algeria since it gained independence from France in 1962, vowing to put what he has promised into practice during his five-year term in office.