Spotlight: Countries turn to cement cultural, economic ties as Ancient Civilization Forum opens

The first Ancient Civilization Forum kicked off here on Monday as countries representing early civilizations across the world aim to pool their wisdom together to address today's problems and challenges with stronger cultural and economic ties.

The Confucius Institute first opened its door in Madrid in 2007 and since then has been a beacon for Spanish people interested in learning the Chinese language , as well as those who want to know more about Chinese culture .

The Chinese red is the predominant color in the exhibition venues , which are decorated with Chinese elements such as lanterns , pattern dragons , wood carvings , and columns .

It was the third consecutive year for the event to be held in the Cinema House in Sofia .

DUBLIN , April 19 ( Xinhua ) - - Mandarin Chinese and other foreign languages , including Polish , Lithuanian and Portuguese , are to be offered as subjects of Ireland ' s Leaving Certificate Examinations , a cabinet minister said on Wednesday y .