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Chinese president kicks off state visit to Algeria
Chinese, Gabonese presidents hold talks in Libreville
President Hu arrives in Gabon
President Hu meets with Arab League leader

President Hu visits France, Egypt, Gabon & Algeria
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President Hu addresses National Assembly in Paris

President Hu's visit boosts cooperation: FM
   Chinese President Hu Jintao's visits to France, Egypt, Gabon and Algeria helped promote understanding and boost China's relations and cooperation with these countries, Chinese Foreign Ministry Li Zhaoxing said before leaving Algeria on Wednesday.
Hu: China a "reliable friend" to developing countries
   China is a "reliable friend" to developing countries, said President Hu Jintao. "The cornerstone of Chinese foreign policy is to consolidate and accelerate solidarity and co-operation between China and developing countries," said Hu at a banquet hosted by his Algerian counterpart Abdelaziz Bouteflika.
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China will promote cooperation with developing nations: president ( 2004-02-04 13:21)
China will promote cooperation with developing nations: president ( 2004-02-04 13:21)
President Hu talks economics, energy during Algerian visit ( 2004-02-04 08:22)
Chinese, Algerian presidents meet on bilateral, global issues ( 2004-02-04 01:51)
Chinese president arrives in Algeria for state visit ( 2004-02-03 22:51)
Chinese president leaves Gabon for Algeria ( 2004-02-03 16:52)
China, Gabon vow to boost cooperation ( 2004-02-03 15:12)
President Hu stresses close relations with Gabon, Africa ( 2004-02-03 00:19)
Chinese president proposes closer relations with Africa ( 2004-02-03 00:15)
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