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Constitutional amendment on human rights applauded by experts
Amended Constitution published
Inclusion of human rights in Constitution marks a milestone
Lawmakers mulling building comprehensive social security system
Constitutional amendments to limit public power, protect individuals' rights
Constitutional amendments under way
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CPPCC spokesman to tell arrangements for upcoming session
NPC plenary session schedule for Wednesday
Agenda for the Second Session of The Tenth NPC
Chinese FM to meet press
NPC session to hear development, budget reports
Key issues to be discussed at NPC annual session
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Chinese Premier on foreign relations
Premier comments on domestic issues
Chinese premier cites unity, stability as priority issues
Chinese state commercial banks face last-ditch battle: premier
China hopes for lasting peace, stability in south Asia: Premier
China firmly opposes attempt to separate Taiwan from motherland: premier
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Report on the work of the government
Report on central and local budgets
Report on economic and social development plan
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Backgrounder: Buildup of CPPCC
Backgrounder: CPPCC sessions, leaders
Backgrounder: Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
Backgrounder: overhauls of CPPCC Charter
Chronology of China's constitutional amendments
Revisions of China's Constitution
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Top legislature closes session, adopts amendment to Constitution
The annual session of China's top legislature, the National People's Congress (NPC), came to a close here Sunday afternoon after adopting the draft amendment of the Chinese Constitution and resolutions on a series of relevant documents. Enter...
Top legislature endorses government work report
Chinese legislators Sunday approved Premier Wen Jiabao's government work report after their demand the government improve its style of work had been incorporated into the final version of the report. Enter...
China firmly opposes attempt to separate Taiwan from motherland: premier
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said Sunday that China will never allow anyone to separate Taiwan from the motherland by any means and will striving for peaceful reunification with the utmost sincerity and greatest efforts. The premier said he appreciated the international opposition to the referendum, and the open statement on the one-China principle made by the international community, including the United States, is conducive to maintaining peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits. Enter...
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Premier vows to live up to people's expectations 14/03-17:51
Top legislature closes session, adopts amendment to Constitution 14/03-17:33
Inclusion of human rights in Constitution marks a milestone 14/03-17:40
China's top legislature adopts amendments to Constitution 14/03-16:57
Chinese legislature endorses government work report 14/03-15:21
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NPC session holds third presidium meeting 13/03-21:37
Leaders call for accelerated pace of modernization of armed forces 11/03-22:54
Top legislators heed concerns of common folks 11/03-22:50
Procuratorates to strengthen supervision, law enforcement 10/03-17:02
Procuratorates to step up fight against job-related crimes: Jia 10/03-16:58
Six ministerial officials given guilty verdicts in 2003 10/03-16:09
Courts to continue "striking hard" on crimes 10/03-16:49
Supervision primary task for legislature in 2004 10/03-15:39
Legislature to make more laws in 2004 10/03-15:37
Legislature increases exchange with foreign counterparts: Wu 10/03-15:28
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Call for 5 more annual holidays
Chinese lawmakers show high concern over cultural security
Legislator calls for specific law governing lottery business
Legislators propose law on development of oil resources
Legislature urged to ban online pornography
Lawmaker calls for legislation against "biological intrusion"

HK media highlight Premier Wen's remarks at news conference
Editorial hails success of China's top legislature meeting
Editorial hails success of top advisory meeting
Foreign newspapers hail Chinese CPPCC, NPC meetings
Constitution amendments set to boost private business
"Road map" to balanced development

Chinese premier meets press
CPPCC members meet press on non-public sectors
Memorable moments at NPC, CPPCC sessions
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