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  Sun Bigan, Braving Iraq
In June, 2003, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs dispatched a special team to postwar Iraq to reestablish its embassy. Ambassador Sun Bigan, who headed up the team, still becomes animated when recalling the risky assignment. 
  People who moved China, 2005
The mountainous areas in Southwest China's Guizhou Province are an enticing travel destination. But for Xu Benyu, the volunteer teacher who was recently honoured as one of CCTV's "People Who Moved China, 2005" after spending the past two years there, life was about more than charming scenery. 
  Seeking to revive China's TV king
Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., China's largest TV set producer, made a top management reshuffle July 8 last year, with Zhao Yong succeeding Ni Runfeng as the Shanghai-listed firm's chairman. This management overhaul gave Zhao a chance to rejoin Changhong after he left the company for four years. 
  Chinese gift to US volleyball
A symbol of the 1980s. A spiritual leader of the Chinese Women's volleyball Team and of tens of thousands of fans. A heroine who won four world championships for the team. And also a team builder who lifted a sluggish Chinese Women's Volleyball Team to runner-up of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and recovered the team's former respect. 
  Guo Jingjing trapped in media
A champion many times over, Guo Jingjing has become the "World's No.1 Princess in Diving." However, rumors have circulated that Guo's name was not included on the concentration-training list of the China National Diving Team for the 2008 Olympics, as, instead, her beautiful close-up photos have popped up over the cosmetics counters in shopping malls. 
  Liu Chuanzhi: The man who acquired IBM PC
When Lenovo, China¡¯s leading computer manufacturer, agreed earlier this month to purchase IBM¡¯s personal computer division for US$1.25 billion, it was a giant step onto the global stage for a company that started only two decades ago in a shack near the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. 
  Mistress Yue-Sai of All Trades
Yue-Sai Kan's success as one of China's leading business women parallels her career as one of the country's top television journalists. 
  Liu Xiang gets his feet on ground
A millionaire, a national hero, a lecturer, a singer, a would-be Ph.D. and even a likely movie star. Liu Xiang has become, or been regarded as, everything but an athlete after winning the 110m hurdles gold medal with a world record-tying time of 12.91 seconds in the Athens Olympic Games in August.  
  Tan Kah Kee: "Flag of Overseas Chinese"
People in Xiamen celebrated the 130th anniversary of the birth of Tan Kah Kee (Chen Jiageng), well known for his contributions to education on Oct 20.  
  Zhang Yueran and 10 tales of love
Born in the early 1980s, Zhang Yueran started writing at the age of 14, and it wasn't long before her compositions began to appear in several well-known literary magazines throughout China.  
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